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Uploaded on Jan 25, 2008

Soulja Boy Freestyle

[[Freestyle or written it's still tight.]]

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Yeah man, yeah man
S.O.D. Money Gang!

S.O.D. Money Gang, check my tat.
Your fresher den me, Ripleys wouldn't believe dat.
As I continue this rap.
Ya getting kinda nervous.
I'm in my bed getting Bill Clinton service.
I am Soulja Boy, but I didnt join the army.
i walk inside the mall and all the girls just swarm me.
Have a lot of haters but they cannot harm me.
I did something wrong why did you warn me.
I'm a fly guy, way flyer than the next man.
I am a senior, but i have to stay fresh man.
At the Square Garden, yeah I made the whole show stop.
Allergic to ya suckers, I never ate a blow pop.
Whoever you are, you will like this song.
Ya favorite rappers probably gonna bite this song.
They're thinkin in there head, "Did I write this song?"
They wanna get on, so they make diss songs
Your car is fast, my car is faster.
You have a flat screen, I have a plasma.
Have a lot of questions, but you dont have the answers.
My lyrics sick, I have rap cancer.
He's on his last breath it's time to take the tube off.
Red dot on his nose, we nicknamed him Rudolph
You are a pussy, you should try seafood
My whole team eating all you do is see food.
"Soulja Boy, when is your next album drop?"
I made it rain in the club and they didn't leave a drop.
But when it does drop, everybody would feel it.
But ya CD couldn't drop, if I threw it off a building.
I am bossy get a load of dat.
Yes I am boss, CEO to be exact.
Ya thought ya had me for a second.
What's a mirage, every single car you want, it is inside my garage.
Damn, Soulja Boy you hit 'em wit a low blow.
They paid me 50 G's, but damn I was a no show.
I need my money two stack
It's S.O.D. money gang, look at the tat.
God damn!
Superfresh seen with the soulja, shades.
Soulja Boy Tell Em you got the rover, range.
So much money take the money and blaze.
Take this money and im going so insane.
Ripped up the track and I ripped up the beat.
Got the number 4 J's all on my feet.
Soulja Boy Tell Em wit the birdman seats.
God damn, Soulja Boy you murked dat beat.


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