sasuke's amaterasu vs itachi's amaterasu





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Published on Feb 11, 2010


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Itachi has the best tsukuyomi, Sasuke has the best amaterasu
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Amateratsu ~_۞
maharaja  max
if itachi was not sick and willing to live,no one would ever reach his standards
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itachi uchiha is the best
Zeric Gant
Itachi's was more menacing than Sasuke's because of how he said it.
Kazuto Kirigaya
Sasuke only had a better amaterasu than Itachi because he was able to use it more. Itachi witheld from using amaterasu because of the strain it took on his eyes ( because he was sick )  If you think about it, they WERE itachi's abilities first that sasuke inherited from him.   Itachi would've been able to master the amaterasu just as well as sasuke had if in different circumstances where Itachi wasn't sick and had no limitations on his chakra.   Itachi was gifted with the best genjutsu outside of mangekyou, and tsukiyomi took less chakra & strain on his eyes, It was stated in the show several times, once from sasukes mouth personally when he said "another farce with your famous genjutsu" So he favored using tsukiyomi to end things quickly.  Itachi was naturally gifted, and despite his illness still had an enormous amount of chakra for his condition. He would've undoubtedly been the strongest Uchiha if not for that sickness killing him.
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Chīyō Qūēlīzā
But the strongest is Itachi!
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Love how most people are saying Itachi's is better even though it is clearly not. I mean come on Sasuke is able to manipulate and extinguish the black flames which Itachi was unable of ever doing. Everybody who is saying itachi is probably just saying it because of them probally being a fanboy of his. And either way everybody who watches the anime or reads the manga would know that Sasuke is better at amaterasu, Itachi is better with Genjutsu and Tsukyomi (Sorry for spelling), and Madara us better with susanno.
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itachi sounds more epic but sasuke has better control over it
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sasuke uchiha
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