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Published on Dec 13, 2013

This animation features a modern day Santa Claus taking a shamanic flight to higher realms to seek help for the troubles that beset the Earth today, performing then for the modern world the same tasks of healing that Shaman have traditionally carried out.

Inspired and adapted from aspects in The Epic of King Gesar ( http://bit.ly/1j4qc8B )
Santa Claus Shamanic Sources;
Most religious historians agree that during the Christianization of Northern Europe local traditions were incorporated into the new Christian holidays, thus Saint Nicholas was elevated for his kindness to the poor and Santa Claus was created, a Christianized version of earlier Pagan Gods. Santa researchers agree that many aspects of Santa derive from The Norse mythology, particularly the magical Odin or the hearth protector and Ice Giant battler, Thor.
Similarly, Santa's journey around the whole planet in a single night, is derived from the 'heavenly chariot' used by many Gods from whom Santa and other shamanic figures are descended..

In 'Tengerism', the world is believed to be alive with spirits. The plants, animals, rocks, mountains and water are all believed to have souls, and these nature spirits must be respected, in order for people to remain in the balance with all of them. Balance is regarded as the crucial factor in keeping harmony within individuals, the community, and the environment. When things get out of balance, there are harmful effects, and this is when the shaman is called on for help....

Another link between the Tenger, Shaman and Santa Claus might be that the Mongols worship an important god of fertility, who is represented by the mask of an amiable, white-haired and white-bearded old man. He is considered as the master of earth and water. His attributes are reminiscent of shamanism.

Santa Claus Gift to you;
The true gift of Santa Claus then, lies not in the fraught or hopeful exchange of gifts or toys, but in celebrating our individual health and community health and well being, priceless gifts from Divine Nature:The gifts, of perception and awareness, that allow us to witness the beauty of this life and its many wonders, of seeing the solstice sun, or hearing joy in the voices of our children and friends, of love.....
So when the jolly Shaman gifts you with his blessings this year, remember that the Nature which expresses itself in endless galaxies of light and wonder, also celebrates its existence in you and through you, that is his real gift.....

More details at my Blog, The Dance Of Life ( http://bit.ly/1cXDFry )

Blessed Be,
Ho Ho Ho.

c.Celestial Elf. 2013.

Altai Ulaan, aka SantaHo ClauseHeim, Little Jolnir Long Beard - the Fine.
Gal Nurma Khan, the Messenger, Celestial Elf,
Grandmother Gurme - Wendy Elf,
Keiden Khan and Usan Khan = Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt,
Demons, Ehekatl Comper, Krystyl Chomper, Bowie Chomper, = Brielle Xaris, Rik Xaris and Celestial Elf,
Rabbit, Bear and Deer = Brielle MacXaris, Rik MacXaris and Celestial Elf.

Outfits & Key Props;
Big Chubby Santa Bear freely gifted co Heavyhauler Resident,
Amanita Robe = Celestial Elf customisation based on Marco Polo by Emma Fargis,
Grandmother Gurme authentic Altai Maiden blouse/skirt co Pippala
Toadoid and Bugbear co Grendels Children,
The Chomper Demons were made avaliable by kind permission xDamianx Nightfire
Gal Nurma Khan = tesangagonka v3 co Fenrir (angelic.yumako)
Demon 'Horses' = Dragonsfyre Centepede Rider.
Trees co 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie.

Original poem / animation based on The Epic of King Gesar, adapted by Celestial Elf 2013. ( http://bit.ly/1cXDFry )

Filmed at various locations and with a number of Skyboxs including;
New Zaandjik co Dehlia Steinhardt
Arosa Village co Sonja Strom
Berlin TV Tower co Acer Amaterasu
Mountain Mesh Skybox = taraFab
Dragon Magick Wares Fractal Dreams Skybox co Dragonia DeCuir
Forest of AEtrenal Light Skybox co Swimmie Chaffe
Acid Lake, Frozen Dusk, Night Sky and Wetland Dusk Skyboxes co Zwagoth Klaar.

Soundtrack created with music grateful thanks;
California Throatsinger;
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
we, throatjazz2, calling, going far, duotone, vibrate, Earthblood, energy, Charisma, oil wars, Ghost Dance, wake up man.

freesound.org samples and authors;
"Creative Commons 0"
and Creative Commons "Attribution Noncommercial"
ryancacophony - singing bell hit1, volchonokilli - utulation, timbre remix of 21027 khumi tuvan folk style long tail, jaturo - classic drum.

Filmed on Singularity Viewer 1.7.2,
With Windows XP using Fraps and Serif MoviePlus X3.
Conceived, Directed and Produced c.Celestial Elf 2013.


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