Janeway explains Old Star Fleet Ways





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Published on Mar 10, 2009

Janeway explains the old ways to Harry Kim

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"The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank."  -Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, U.S.S. ENTERPRISE
Kirk: Diplomacy is a phaser and a smirk.
And sometimes a ripped shirt.
Jack Burton
Voyager was the worst of all Star Trek series next to Enterprise. It was a Gilligan's Island of Star Trek, made up of some of the most one dimensional characters in Star Trek history. Jakotay could have been replaced with a tobacco store indian, Neelix was quite possibly the most useless character to ever be placed in a Star Trek, on par with Jar-Jar Binks, Kes sucked, Harry Kim had no depth, Janeway was nothing more than a Katherine Hepburn impression in a Starfleet uniform, Voyager will always stand out as one of the worst series in the genre. At least DS9 had the distinction of having three of the highest rated episodes in the series and expanded the canon beyond the alpha quadrant. Only the most retarded of people think Voyager was above DS9, and Voyager was only a cunt hair above the god awfulness of Enterprise.
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Guy & Girl
I loved both Voyager and Enterprise. Not everyone has the same opinion as you mate.
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I always loved this episode - it's like she's commenting on the industry itself (not just Starfleet) and the way life has changed. Think about people you've read in history books - stories you've heard - legends you've been told... it would have been awesome to meet some of those people who cut corners to make the world what it is today... the good and the bad
Nicholos Caudillo
I took that scene as arrogant and snide to the original series crew. Like they were superior to the pioneers.
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I took it as absolutely the opposite. She was saying that there are way more rules today, and the original series were old school cowboys riding by the seat of their pants. As for Replicators, they had food processors for simple things, but they still had a full ship's galley as there wasn't great sophistication or variety yet.
Dylan Melton
If anything it's a salute to the original crew. She's practically fawning over how it used to be.
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The entire Voyager series was terrible. A woman captain and an entire crew of pussies. Non of them had any grit to them.
Clash Mine bro Studios
Rob jane way was a good captain
Christopher Holt
I'm curious to know if the people who have bashed Voyager below, especially Jack Burton who is just waiting to call someone a retard for liking Voyager over DS9, have seen every episode of Voyager. My next question includes everyone who has downplayed Voyager below but I will still direct it at Jack Burton. So, Jack, have you seen every episode of Voyager? My father used to stop watching shows after he didn't like where it was headed. A waste of time to him. So I'm curious to know if you stopped watching somewhere in the series. Or did you see every episode? And did you hate every one? I'm sure after I post this everyone will be very interested in your response. Even the ones who don't like Voyager.
Guy & Girl
Voyager is my favorite of all the shows. To me, it is the epitome of Star Trek. Yes the character development and narrative was shit at times, but nothing is perfect. My greatest criticism of the show was replacing Kes with Seven of Nine as eye candy for the viewing audience. But she was still a great character in her own way. But the way the show went about really made me love it. It gave me the urge to be a part of that story and that crew. Thousands of light years from Earth, trying to survive in unknown space, trying to find a way home is just extraordinary. Truly where no one has gone before!
David Eckels
Uh, Kirk's Enterprise HAD replicators.
Mike White
The Enterprise D had a kitchen as well even though they had replicators. Also there were Replicators in TOS or how else do you explain the episode when they went back to 1960s Earth and got uniforms made for them in the style of old Earth Miltary?
+David Eckels - they weren't replicators. They were food processors - they could imitate and recreate synthesized food in a limited fashion. It's why ships from that time period still had kitchens and still took on regular foodstuffs - because the food made by the processors were often... limited, at best. Watch the original trek movies (there's several kitchens) and the trek episodes where they bring food onto the ship.
Daniel Bertazzon
Every time Janeway Smiles I cringe and run for the Torches and the Pitchforks.
+Daniel Bertazzon Everytime I see people like you on pictures like on yours I fear nightmares that are by far worse than your silly little "cringe for torches and pitchforks" I can't even come close to explain how much I hate that very kind of super freaky ultra nerd who is recognizable on your little avatar. Lets take a rough guess, Sheldon Couper is your biggest role model and I honestly couldn't care less if I misspelled the freaks name. Do the rest of the world and especially Captain Janeway a big favour, crawl back under your stone, the world's a better place without geeks like you. Thanks.
and the people in her time were pompous assholes
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