LEGO City Undercover 100% Guide - Special Assignment #1 'Some Assaults' - All Collectibles





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Published on Mar 26, 2013

Now that we have all of the characters and abilities it's time to go back to each of the 15 assignment stages and complete them 100%. To make this more organized I am using a file that played through the game and collected no items so this run of the stage shows all of the gold bricks, character tokens, vehicle tokens and the red brick locations. I will also show how to get LEGO City Hero without any stud multipliers.

The LEGO City Hero requirement special assignment #1 'Some Assaults' is 90,000 studs. This assignment is from Chapter 2 'Blast From the Past'.

The breakdown of items in this stage is as follows:
2 Character Tokens (Conrad Peters, Snakes Squealer)
2 Vehicle Tokens (Bastion, Broadcaster)
1 Red Brick (Fast Build)
4 Police Shields
3 Gold Bricks (1 for just beating the assignment, 1 for getting LEGO City Hero, 1 for collecting all 4 police shields - These gold bricks are awarded upon completion of the stage)

Time codes as well as a full description of how to get each collectible in this video is listed below. Please use them if you need help.

02:10 - Vehicle Token #1 - Bastion - Use the astronaut pad right across the first gap and warp up to a higher level. Break open the door with a robber and use the color changer gun to get green. Warp back and shoot the red switch with your green color gun. A door opens up to the right. Walk inside and use the construction worker to fix a fuse box. The elevator opens for your first vehicle token.

10:54 - Vehicle Token #2 - Broadcaster - Blow up the skylight on the 4th building with dynamite to get the vehicle token.

04:39 - Red Brick - Fast Build - On the top of building #2, break the 3 objects to build 3 solar panels. This actives a fan which lifts you onto the roof at the far end for a red brick.

05:59 - Character Token #1 - Snakes Squealer - Break open a door on the 3rd building with the firefighter and then open the safe inside. This gives you a character token.

07:24 - Character Token #2 - Conrad Peters - Climb up the blue wall onto the higher level of building #3. Drill the shaky ground and use the water spout to ride up onto the tower. go down below and build the pieces that fall into a remote control car. Go back and stop onto the cage and drive the car underneath the small entrance for the 2nd character token.

10:42 - Police Shield #1 (Not pictured) In order to get this shield, all you have to do is catch the 3rd robber. You'll automatically get this shield by just beating the level the 1st time.

08:15 - Police Shield #2 - Water all 5 plants with the farmer (Plant #1 - on building #1 inside the left door that opens after you paint the red switch green 02:39, Plant #2 - Just fall down from the red brick to the left 04:45, Plant #3 - Just left of antenna #1 on the 3rd building 05:35, Plant #4 Zip line down to building #4 and on the lower level is another plant to water 07:50, Plant #5 Swing across the blue poles to the far right side of the same building still and you'll quickly find the final plant that needs watering 08:15)

Police Shield #3 - Build 3 antennas (Antenna #1 - On building #3 just break the pink object near the table and chairs. 05:25, Antenna #2 - on the 4th building on the middle level right after you run across a glass wall, stop and break a white object and build an antenna 09:40 Antenna #3 - When you get the cut scene for the last robber, stop before going after him and break a white object and build the final antenna for a shield. 11:20)

08:43 - Police Shield #4 - Repair 3 satellite dishes with the construction worker. (Dish #1 - On the third building, drop down off the ledge to the far right and repair a satellite dish 06:10, Dish #2 - On the top level of the same building as the previous satellite dish, walk to the left side and repair another satellite dish 07:34, Dish #3 - On the 4th building, make your way all the way to the right and climb up a blue pipe to the top. Repair this final dish for a shield. 08:43)

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