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Published on Oct 7, 2011

A Tribute video to the United States Special Operations Forces, which sacrifice their lives for Us, for America, for Freedom !

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf "

Special Mission Units (SMUs) 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ("Delta Force/ACE/CAG") (United States Army) Intelligence Support Activity ("The Activity") (United States Army) United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group ("DEVGRU/Seal Team Six") (United States Navy) 24th Special Tactics Squadron ("24th STS") (United States Air Force)

United States Army United States Army Special Forces ("Green Berets") 75th Ranger Regiment ("Rangers") 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment ("Night Stalkers"/"SOAR") 4th Psychological Operations Group ("Psy OPS") 95th Civil Affairs Brigade 528th Sustainment Brigade

United States Marine Corps Marine Special Operations Regiment United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance

United States Navy United States Navy SEALs Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC)

United States Air Force United States Air Force Combat Control Team United States Air Force Pararescue Air Force Special Operations Weather Technician

United States Coast Guard Coast Guard Deployable Operations Group

Intelligence Community Special Units Special Activities Division (CIA)

Source: Wikipedia.

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Apple Hernandez
So I see a lot of confusion on the tier system here, and I wanted to help out. The top of the food chain is JSOC, which is comprised of Tiers1 & 2. Tier 1 are Delta, Devgru, the Activity, and there are other units like SAD and FBI HRT that are just as good, but not on the tier system. Then you have tier 2 units that support tier 1 units whether it be a cordon or an addition of capabilities like calling in air. Those units are units like the 75th Ranger Regt, some SWCC guys, and some CCT's. Then its the rest of SOCOM that makes up tier 3. Army SF, the rest of the Seal teams, and Marsoc make up tier 3. Although Force Recon and Recon Battalion are considered SOF units, and just as hard to get into, they are not part of SOCOM because the Marine Corps did not want to give them up when SOCOM was stood up. The tier system is only a way to measure funding, but along with funding comes missions. The only guys that are going to do raids in countries that we are not are war with (IE Pakistan, Yemen, and god knows where else) are going to units that are in JSOC. Oh and Tier 1 units have been taking Marines for a long time. It used to be extremely difficult, but Devgru has been taking Force guys for a long time, and now that MARSOC is stood up, Marines have been slowly but surely funneling into ACE (formally known as CAG, formally known as Delta). For all you kids that want to get into the SOF community, best of luck, dont quit, and get some.
Shawn Grover
no coast gaurd?
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Willis Ops
the vid was decent but your missing some vital stuff.first there is no tier 3 units and if there was such a designation it would be conventional operation such as 101st airborne,MAGTF etc.....there are two tiers.tier 1 and tier 2.the 3 primary tier 1 units are Devgru,1st SFOD-D,and the 24th STS.every other special operations unit is consider tier 2 such as rangers,seals,paramedics etc....that's it plz know your shit ppl
Beau Jack
"So others may live." ...... I was in MARSOC and  and Ours was "Swift Silent Deadly ( Hoorah to my Devil Dogs btw) But that Motto "So Others May Live" Just think about that ,,,So Other May Live.... They gonna gonna die for us ,,, Peace and protection
Viacheslav Titov
America stay strong!
Dark Circle
I don't know why tacp (tactical air control party) from the air force is not in there they are like combat control but they work in a group of about 6-10 and call down air strikes on enemy positions that we do not know the exact position of and also call down air strikes to support other troops that are pinned down they are the real deal when it comes to special forces and have led to the eradication of many enemy bases via air strike. Same with eod (explosive ordnace disposal) they disarm ieds and navy eod works with seals and other special forces and goes through the exact same training plus more so that they can do their specific job.
Where's MARSOC? TACP? Navy EOD? And Coast Guard D.O.G/MSRT?
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Rasun 01
Дерьмо! Куча трусливых убийц, не болнее
I always thought the 82nd Airborne Division (Death from Above) was considered SOF too?
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