Sister By Marriage Katie Deleasa Story Chapt. 29





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Published on Apr 14, 2010

Katies P.O.V:
We ate breakfast and then we arrived at the venue. Michael was gonna open for them so he had to go with them for a sound check, so I was hanging out with Frankie. Then he went off to go play football with the boys while they were on break. The girls went shopping which I didnt join.

I went on my laptop and was video chatting with Brian.

-Wheres Dina?
Brian: At work.
-Oh. I miss you.
Brian: I miss you too baby. Whats everyone doing?
-Boys playing football and the girls are shopping.
Brian: And you didnt go?
-I hate shopping.
Brian: Are you sure youre a girl?
-Are you sure youre a boy?
Brian: Ask Dina.
-No thanks.

There was a chime meaning I had a message.

-Bri can you hold on a sec I got a message.
Brian: Sure thing.

I muted the video chat and opened it up. It was a video message. Suddenly Griffins face filled the screen.

Griffin: Since were over Id figure Id show you my new girl.

It cut to him making out with another girl. He had no shirt on and she wasnt wearing one either. He reached over to take off her bra. I shut it off.

Tears came to my eyes. They slid down my face. I slammed down my laptop and put it next to me. I stood up and went onto the bus. I found Michaels toilet kit.

Danis P.O.V:
I laughed as I walked with Denise back to the bus.

-Dont tell Kevin I bought that dress. Hell kill me.
Denise: As long as you dont tell Paul I bought those shoes.

It was so great I was able to be close to my mother-in-law. Shes really sweet and funny and nice.

I walked with her to the bus so we could put our bags away.

I had bought some stuff from Bath and Body Works so I had to put it in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and my eyes widened.

I saw Katie holding Michaels razor, just inches away from her arm. I dropped the bags and ran to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and grabbed for the razor. We stood there fighting for it.

Denise: *runs over* What-*sees it* Oh my God.
-Go get Michael!
Denise: Will do. *runs off*

I stood there fighting with her for it.

-Give it to me Katie!
Katie: NO!

Michaels P.O.V:
I threw the football to Nick and he was running down the grass area. Joe tackled him. Denise came running onto the field.

Denise: First of all-Joe get off of Nick.
Joe: Were playing a game Ma.
Denise: I dont care. Get off of him.
Joe: *rolls eyes**gets off*
Nick: *gets up* Do you need something Mom?
Denise: Dani needs Michael.
Denise: Katie was about to cut and shes trying to get the razor but-
-Ill be there. *runs off*

I ran to the bus and into the bathroom. I saw them still fighting. I grabbed the razor from Katies hands and threw it onto the ground. Tears poured down Katies face.

Katie: Why cant you just let me get rid of the pain?
-Because this isnt the right way Pebbles. You know it isnt.

I bit my lip and looked at the ground.

Dani: Well its come to this now. You are not allowed to be alone.

Katies P.O.V:
My eyes widened.

Dani: Im sorry sweetie. But unless youre using the bathroom or showering you cant be alone.
-What about sleeping?
Dani: If we can trust you that much.
-This isnt fair!
Dani: Welcome to life.
-UGH! *crosses arms over chest*
Michael: Come on Pebbles. We can go get lunch.
-Im not hungry.
Michael: Offer still stands.
-UGH! Fine.
Michael: *smiles* Thats my girl. *wraps arms around his waist* Wanna come Dani?
Dani: I would but I had lunch with Denise. *kisses Katies head* Feel better sweetie. *leaves*

Michael and I left and we went to McDonalds.


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