Pokemon Black and White - Decisive Battle! N





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Published on Aug 18, 2011

The theme of the final battle against N Extended to 15 minutes

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Fodimin Layton
Can we uh, hurry up with the Diamond and Pearl remake so we can get a remake of Black and White?
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Lucario Channle
sup girl Bw2 is a sequel not a remake
Danker yet Danker
Uhhh, if Black and White sucks... w h y a r e y o u i n a b l a c k a n d w h i t e m u s i c v i d e o
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Apparently this song is played entirely with notes that have a prime-number relation with each other. The goal of it is to express the rational, methiculous and calculated nature of the character. It's also absolutelly terrifying. There's also many hints that N might actually be a Zoroark. He was "abandonned in the forest and found there by Ghetsis". "Raised with pokemon". His room as a child was "inhabitted by a Zorua". He can talk to pokemon. We are shown zoroarks can pretend to be humans and talk because one gives you a TM (Snarl) (only talking pokemon in the games). In B/W2 you follow a zoroark and find N instead. Is this music surprising, comming from a dark type pokemon?
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WAIT! Hold on I think I got this... N has green hair. Yoshi is green. N is speculated to come from a pokémon. Pokémon come from eggs. Yoshi lays eggs. Yoshi is N's mother confirmed.
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Mason Awesome
N's mother is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas? Wow, what a shocking theory. I like it.
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Funk Police
The first ascending arpeggio of this song is all prime numbers. N is very math.
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i tought cyrus was the one to attain heaven. or at least reset the universe.
+Tristen Thielman **explodes
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Aura Fox
Fuck Alder. Fuck Iris. N is the champion of Unova.
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That One Ubered Soldier
N is easier than a lvl 2 ratatta
DEFINITELY he was the hardest out of them all
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Quinton Blackburn
My single favorite moment in all of Pokemon. Truth and Ideals clashing to determine the fate of the entire world, both sides fully in the right and cemented in their beliefs. Never before had any moment in Pokemon held such tension and glory, and nothing afterward at the time of this writing would hold such high accolades. The music, N's roster, the looming despair of facing down one of the gods of Unova that can easily wipe your own off the face of the earth. People might hate on Gen 5 for the pokemon expies and designs, but it will always hold a place as my favorite overall generation for its heavy emphasis on story and character development.
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heropon12 l
+CK15 Optional when you get down to it not a lot of pokemon gens really innovate. i mean they add stuff just like gen 5 does. but it never really changes the gameplay overall. to me gen 1 was the first, but also the weakest generation. im not talking about the remakes. since those are technically gen 3. the original pokemon games are very flawed compared to what came later
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Wally is N's mother.
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Giratina AJ
No it's his son
Sunniva Vangen Robberstad
+THEGALLADEOVERLORD O_O So Wally IS a crossdresser!!!
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M Werewolf
Protect this kid! I wanted to beat the crap out of Ghetsis when he started to say that N was worthless and a broken human, I was all like "DON'T YOU DARE TALK SH** ABOUT MY BABY, YOU DAMN OLD MAN."
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team plasma
me too
SwordOfLeagues21 Robloxs channel
M Werewolf he didn't even took HALF of my HP It was so Easy. I'm lying it took me 7-9 ;-;
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Corey Bloxham
best pokemon character period
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That moment when this comment itself doesn't end with a period.
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Jonathan Backo
Am I the only one who found N a pushover for the entire game up, and wasn't expecting to see him so tough and coordinated for this final fight? N: "Do you really think you can stop us with that?"
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+Jonathan Backo Yeah, B/W2 Sorry
Jonathan Backo
+Ender41948 Pardon, what do you mean 3 possible teams? As far as I know, for the last battle the only Pokemon that can change is the legendary he uses...unless you're referring to Black2/White2...
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