Dont Tell Me You Love Me :: Chapter 4 .





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Published on Mar 19, 2012

Typingg ...

So I Changed The Name Of This Story To "Dont Tell Me You Love Me" ..

Nicole : http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m15...

Brittany : http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzh...

Dad (Terence) : http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly4...

LittleBoy (Kaaydenn) : http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lv9...

Tionna's Pov
We were just standing there and I was playing patty-cake with Kaaydenn when 2 , if i must say , fine boys walked up .
Brittany : Oh and Girls ?
Me/Justice : Yeaah ?
Brittany : These are my other two sons , Shyrehl and Jeremiah .
Me and Justice started smiling all hard .
S/J : Wassup .
Me/Justice : Hey (:
Me : Im Tionna .
Justice : And Im Justice .
? : Im Shyrehl or Shy .
? : Im Jeremiah or Jay .

Jasmyn's Pov
I was laying on the couch with Corahn when Tionna , Justice , and daddy came in with a white woman , a little boy , and 2 older ones .
Me : Who this white woman ?
As soon as I said that , i heard footsteps and down came Myson and Duhwayne , almost falling .
Dad : Well yall are all here , this is my wife , Brittany , and the boys are Kaaydenn , Jeremiah , and Shyrehl .
I must admit Jeremiah and Shyrehl was fine . I looked and Tionna and Justice was giving me that "You gots a man" look and I gave them one back . They shrugged as if it was whatever . They being stingy .

Jeremiah's Pov
It upsets me that Tionna doesnt remember me nor Kaaydenn :\ . We got history . How could she not remember ?!
Terence :Can yall girls go fix something to eat while us boys go get the luggage ?
The girls nodded and walked into the Kitchen . Kaaydenn followed .Then we went out to the car .
Terence : Jeremiah ?
Me : Yes , sir ?
Terence : I need to talk to you after we get the luggage situated .
Me : Okay .

Tionna's Pov
We decided to get to know Brittany while we were cooking . I was sitting at the island playing with Kaaydenn .
Justice : Why a black man ?
Brittany : We're in love .
We all knew that after daddy got what he wanted from Brittany , he was gone dip like always . Kaaydenn started to whine . I started to rock him so he would calm down . He looked up at me with his thumb in his mouth .
Kaaydenn : Ma .

Jeremiah's Pov
I was talking to Terence .
T : You love her ?
Me : I never stopped even after the accident .
T : Tell her .
Me : Its not like she remembers .
T : Just try . I dont want her with Duhwayne . He's just gone hurt my babygirl .
? : You dont know what my intentions are !
We turned around and Duhwayne stood at the door .
T : You know you just wanna sleep with her !
D : Im not you ! i dont just sleep with girls and leave .
Before , I knew it Terence and Duhwayne was fighting .

Tionna's Pov
We all ran upstairs , trying to pull daddy off of Duhwayne . I was crying because my father was hurting my man .
Me : Daddy stop !
I pulled him more . He finally let go off Duhwayne and Duhwayne was just laying there looking tore-up . I ran over to him .
Me : Why'd you do this ?
I cried harder .
Terence : He disrespected me and he doesn't love you !
Me : Yes he does !
I held Duhwayne as he struggled to breathe .
Me : Somebody call 9-
Before I could finish , I felt Duhwayne go breathless . I pushed on his chest trying to bring him back . I gave him CPR . I pushed on his chest some more , hopelessly . Jeremiah dragged away from Duhwayne . I kicked , screamed , and cried .
Jeremiah : Shhh ! He's gone . Its okaay .
He held me as I cried . . . . He's gone :'( . .
Jeremiah : He's wasn't the one . I am . . . I -
Me : What ever you do , just Dont Tell Me You Love Me .


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