Dr Jonathan Reed on Paranormal Files - FACT or Faked Part 2





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Uploaded on Nov 12, 2010

THIS SyFy program was a direct and calculated attempt to create as much disinformation as possible regarding Dr Jonathan Reed and his case. A predetermined negative agenda to continue to tarnish and to persuade people to not acknowledge the truth regarding the reality of ET encounters, and anyone connected with them. Programs like this- try to create as much propaganda, hype and controversy only to increase their own rating and publicity, but also to distort the real and complete facts as well.

The SyFy show was moronic and stupidly done. The public has totally seen through their lame ploy to discredit Jonathan and his
information, and IS now reacting by increasing their support.

Since 1996 Dr. Reed has been an invited guest on 94 international television programs - outside of the US. Sincerely, this cable program is only another weak and lame attempt to further discredit and harass Jonathan Reed and his personal reputation for speaking out about his own encounters and the truth regarding ET / IB Life forms on and around our planet.

By the thousands and thousands of over-whelming supportive email (such as yours) that Jonathan is now receiving- WE know there has been an out-cry of strength by people all around the world who know the real truth concerning Dr Reed, and who ARE now giving him their full support to continue to be able to tell his story- and to fight against attacks of disinformation and character assassination from debunkers like this, globally.

THEY are attacking Jonathan Reed because HE had the courage to come forward, for all of Us- and continue to tell the truth about his personal experiences and the reality of ET Life.

THEY will stop at nothing- to try and persuade people to only look away from this reality. WE all need to keep working together to ensure all of our rights - to know this truth.

Thank you for your interest and support.

What software program was used to determine their results?
Who analyzed it?
What are their credentials in professional analysis?
Where is the rest of the analyzed conversation?
Would their process be accepted in a Court of Law?

How can they determine that ALL 14 years worth of evidence is fake with 2 voice filters when they didn't even show 5% of the evidence?

In order to say Case Closed, you have to prove to people beyond a reasonable doubt that ALL the available evidence has been subjected to scrutiny.

Do you really think Dr. Reed would be considered guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a Court of Law using only the evidence collected by the show fact or faked?

LOL, Hell no.

Would a Court of Law only look at 5% of a case before convicting someone or determining their innocence?

There's not one show that can fit all the 14 years worth of evidence in their program.
Reed did 8 hours just on Coast to Coast to explain a fraction of what transpired.

I have faith that the smart public will realize that a 17 minute show doesn't have the capability to prove or disprove a case this involved.

In the beginning, they said the Witness Interview was at 9:13am. LIE
It was around 1:30pm. They were over an hour late to meet which was in the afternoon.

They said they built the Obelisk. LIE
A professional Hollywood stage crew of over 5 people spend about 8 hours just making the plywood Obelisk which they only filmed from One angle.
Reed got a 360 degree view on both film and still pics.

Larry didn't make the alien dummy like he said.
They brought the pre-made alien with them and it took Hollywood dozens of hours to make. I'll be posting MUCH more comparison shots and videos regarding their lies and things they "forgot" to mention.

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