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Republicans Unconvinced by White Nationalist





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Uploaded on Feb 12, 2011

Long time White Nationalist, Jamie Kelso tries in vain to recruit young conservatives to the white nationalist cause. His message falls on mostly deaf ears - though recognized as grossly wrong, the young republican counter arguments lack a comprehensive historical understanding of of the role of slavery, even though, one element that founded the Republican party were militant abolitionists (see abolitionists in Ripon, Wisconsin). But the other faction in that Republican Civil War coalition were the vested interests behind cotton, which was king of the 19th century US economy - grown in the South but manufactured into cloth and canvas in the industrialized north-east and shipped around the world. Cotton could not grown in the north - so if the South left the Union, so would cotton. The abolitionist movement died with the end of Slavery, but the other faction, the faction that succeeded in protection its source of raw materials came to dominate the Republican party.

The history of the abolitionist wing of the Republican Party is now mostly only remembered as a hollow retort to Obama and the Democrats, as if today's Republican Party resembled in any shape or form that heroic idealistic wing.

Ron Paul's platform embraced State's Rights, making him attractive to Kelso and other white nationalists who wanted to reimpose discrimination based upon color, national origins, gender, sexual preference and/or religion.

Finally, supporters of Ron Paul, so embarrassed by Kelso's racist message, or at least his overall rejection by most of the polite listeners, ask him to remove his "Campaign for Liberty" Ron and Rand Paul identification. The final scene shows Kelso fleeing the hotel - bags in hand.

Jamie Kelso BIO

KELSO leaned his recruiting strategy while he rose in the ranks of Scientology. He told his biographers "In Scientology, they rope you in. I know, because I was a roper. By trial and error you learn the weaknesses of people's minds. You learn tricks that are very interesting. When a person is weak and uncertain, and he plugs himself into an organization where the higher-ups seem to have answers, he has the feeling that he has now joined the "in crowd." He's now on his way up, and his function is to emulate the guys at the top. The big shots." (from "What Really Happened To The Class Of '65?", by Michael Medved & David Wallechinsky, New York: Random House, 1976, reported in Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, Subject: The Class of '65

One of the BEST REPUDIATION OF THE WHITE SUPERIORITY says that "Eurasian civilization is not so much a product of ingenuity, but of opportunity and necessity. That is, civilization is not created out of sheer will or intelligence, but is the result of a chain of developments, each made possible by certain preconditions." I encourage you to read the rest of the theory on wikipedia under Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies is a 1997 book by Jared Diamond,_Ge...

One comment that best fits Kelso is that he does have a point... a very dangerous point. European history is full of wars fought by those espousing this very same argument of vested national interests. That's why our European ancestors left the racial, religious and ethnic conflicts of the old world.

Many of Kelsos' defenders on the comment section of this YouTube are White Nationalists who take their inspiration from Adolf Hitler.


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