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Published on Jun 3, 2012

Pour mettre les choses au clair au sujet des bronies et des préjugés que porte MaxOfS2D à leur égard. Eh oui, Maxime, il y a des cons partout et c'est pas la peine de généraliser sur une minorité.

Le gameplay choisi est une partie rapide montrant comment prendre le monopole sur l'objectif en sabotage permet de marquer 2 300 points en 7 kills et en 3 minutes.

Let's talk about bronies and why MaxOfS2D keeps having prejudice against them. There are dumb asses everywhere and it's no use trying to generalize over a minority.

The gameplay I chose shows you how to make 2,300 points in 7 kills and within 3 minutes by monopolizing the objective.

This is an open letter for you. My name's Craki; I don't know wether you remember me, I discovered your videos with your machinima Luigi's Journey. I think the episode 6 was the last one when I discovered it. Back then, I was young and dumb, an immature pro Nintendo even though I wasn't hopeless. Since that time, I changed even if sometimes I think about these days when I thought Noelisme was going to write history.

The purpose of this letter is to give you mu reaction to your last video: "A Wild Brony Appeared!". This letter is not a garbage like MechaTheSlag dared to upload on YouTube, but a message I'll write the best I can so that it is short and honest without insulting you nor giving undeserved hatred.

I've been a brony for about 10 months now, and there you are, in front of your PC, telling yourself "You too? My god..." or something. Please allow me to report a serious mistake you made in the video I named before. I the description, but more explicitly in the comments, you said a brony was a person who wants to rub their membership in the herd (brony community) on the face of others. That's completely false. A brony is just a fan of the Friendship Is Magic universe and a carrier of a message: Love & Tolerate. Carrying a message has nothing to do with evangelism but could mostly be compared with commitment. In the title of your video, you describe this person as a brony, just because he's got a Rainbow Dash profile picture, but just look at his behaviour. He's an ass, a troll who spends his time insulting others. Do you really think this is Love & Tolerate? As a matter of fact, I think this dude is simply a troll who hates the show just like you but who set a MLP related picture just for trolling. Maybe even to troll *you*, knowing the fact you don't really like what you call bronies. And after that, you set that kind of title carrying prejudice by comparing all the bronies to this kid, reacting quite like 4chan fags who think they're the Internet elite and who think everything new is a cancer. Should I also remind you the usage of the adjective "dumb" in the description qualifying the show?

In fact, by mocking bronies, you are in total contradiction with what you told earlier. I don't watch your livestreams anymore because they're always on when I'm busy, but one of them was very interesting. You may remember it: you showed a special guest your magnificent torso. During the second half of the stream, the part where you showed your face, you often said things like "we must be tolerant" or "the goal of life is helping as many people as you can". This thought is a part of the brony philosophy, and if you were serious about this, you could have had an interest for the herd, or at least you should know what's a brony and what's the ideology of the community. But instead, some taunting messages are posted on your Twitter account, most of the time under the form: "Here's how bronies..." with a Youtube Link attached. A friend — Uberio — even told me you left out some of your friends just because they like My Little Pony, but I cannot confirm this.

What I want you to do now is to give an answer, some explanations about this behaviour, or your definition of the noun "tolerance". No matters the support of your respons, wether it's in a video, comment, private message or e-mail, I'm just asking for some respect for this community you dared to criticize despite of your pretension to be tolerant and comprehensive.

Your faithful ex-fanboy,

PS: 3:50

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