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Published on Apr 14, 2007

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Part 1
-The building of the World Trade Center
-President George Bush claims to have seen the plane crash into the South Tower at the time in which in happened--even though the first crash wasn't televised at the time
-Les Robertson (WTC structural engineer) and Frank A. DeMartini (Manager, WTC Construction & Project Management) tell how they built the WTC with plane crashes in mind
-Jonathan R. Barnett, Ph.D. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) says that he had never seen a protected steel structure collapse in a fire
-James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Deluth) and Jeff King (MIT engineer/research scientist) give their synopsis of the WTC collapses.

-The melting point of steel
-Properties of the WTC steel
-Burning temperatures of kerosene-based jet fuel
-Temperatures in the WTC on 9-11
-Black smoke as an indicator of an oxygen-poor fire.

Part 2
-Eyewitnesses recall multiple "explosions"
-NBC's Pat Dawson relates that FDNY's Fire Safety Chief, Albert Turi thought that there were "devices planted in the building"
-William Rodriguez (20+ year WTC employee, and last survivor to exit the WTC) gives his statement of multiple explosions from "lower floors"
-James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Deluth) and Jeff King (MIT engineer/research scientist) tell why the WTC collapses had to be the result of demolitions
-Morgan Reynolds (ex-labor department economist during President George W. Bush's first term) tells why he thinks that the WTC was the result of a controlled demolition
-Larry Silverstein recalls the orders to "Pull" WTC #7 on a PBS documentary

-Information about CDI, (Controlled Demolition, Inc.) the company which was hired to remove the remains of the WTC
-Actual demolition footage
-WTC explosions recorded by Columbia University's seismographs
-Evidence of squibs
-Only known footage of the first plane hitting the first tower
-Pre-positioned explosives would have been necessary
-Marvin P. Bush, the president's younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport.

Part 3
-CNN reporter discusses the possibility of explosives at the base of the towers
-Dallas Landmark Tower Demolition
-Scott Forbes (IT Specialist - Fiduciary Trust employee, WTC) and William Rodriguez (20+ year WTC employee, and last survivor to exit the WTC) recall strange happenings at the WTC during the weeks prior to 9-11
-William Rodriguez shares what he heard on the 34th floor on 9-11
-Brian Clark (Volunteer Fire Marshall) and Stanley Praimnath (survivor - 81st floor) share their experiences after exiting the south tower.

-Evidence of blast damage in the WTC lobby
-Power downs and evacuation drills at the WTC prior to 9-11

Part 4
-BBC news update that WTC #7 has collapsed (this footage aired BEFORE #7 actually collapsed)
-Larry Silverstein (WTC leaseholder) recalls the orders to "Pull" WTC #7 on a PBS documentary
-Rudy Giuliani reveals that he had been given advanced warning that "the World Trade Center was going to collapse"
-video of a woman in uniform announcing to the crowd that the tower was "about to collapse"
-video of the ground shaking just seconds before the collapse
-Danny Jowenko (Dutch professional demolitions expert) reaffirms his statement that he believes that the WTC had to have been brought down by demolition
-Thermal hot spots of ground zero--taken on September 16th and September 23rd, 2001
-Evidence of thermite having been used to bring down the WTC
-footage of the red-hot rubbel at Ground Zero
-Photos of steel buildings which have burned (and never collapsed), including:
Caracas, Venezeula: A 56-story office tower burned for 17 hours
Taiwan: Building burned for an hour and a half
Los Angeles: 62-story Interstate Bank Building burned for four hours
Madrid, Spain: 32-story Windsor Building burned for two days
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The 38-story One Meridian Plaza building burned for 18 hours.

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