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Uploaded on May 22, 2009

Halellujah interview translation

S: There you got introduced.... eh, you're going on tour together, and that's fantastic. Now you've brought your guitar, and you all know how to play What is it with "boys playing guitars", do you understand what those girls talk about?

Espen: No, I have never understood why, I just know that it works :))The first thing you learn as a fresh musican at the age of 9-10-11, is that you are everything but cool.You're never picked out on the football-team, you don't run fast, there's always someone who is much better than you in fhysical things. But at the age of 11-12, when you start running for girls, you understand that if you put a guitar on your lap then then you're suddenly cool..as long as you have it on your lap :))

S: Have you all had pleasure of this experiance?

Askil: Yes, I grew up in Namsos-Trønderlag, where the nachspiel-culture is very strong, and have gone to "the-tough-school" :))

Espen: He is the one who's been on most nachspiels..

S: Yes, cause this is often connected/linked to nachspiels. What are the rules? When do you use your... well, use your guitar? :))

Askil: The main rule is, that if there is another guitar player there, witch is worse than you, you let him warm-up the girls and the "audience" Then you just wait a little until you see it's about time, then you recieve the guitar from him and play all the right nachspiel songs after him..:))

Espen: It takes many years to become a "perfect" nachspiel-guitarplayer.

Kurt: It takes many years

Espen: It really isn't about how many songs you know, but more about timing, cause there are many traps like, when you play for so long that others put on the music/stereo again That is the ultimate humiliation, you know.. Also, when you play for so long that when you look up when you're done, all the girls have left. That is also a typical problem. :))And all of this isn't something you can explain to others, it's just something you'll have to experience through many years.

S: Are there any particular songs you play?

Espen: Some songs you need to learn.. like More Than Words..

Espen: You know.. this is the first you learn.. ESPEN SINGS SOME OF MORE THAN WORDS..

Espen: Actually very anoying.. then I know it's time to leave..

Espen: Often when you're at nachspiel, there are only one guitar, and two who wants to play a few songs, but no-one who wants to listen..

S: But you're only 17 years old..

Alejandro: I don't do nachspiel..

S: You have never been on nachspiels??

Alejandro: I learn from them

Espen: Yes, he's an apprentice. We're about to be too old to get invited to party's :))

Kurt: We need him with us..

Espen: We give him our nachspiel-knowledge..

S: Are you allowed from your parents to join this tour?

Alejandro: No, I haven't told them yet..

S: You are kind of the new "Gitarkameratene"(Sunde,Eggum,Nilsen,Sivertsen)/"Guitar-pals", have you taugh about that?

Espen: Yes, "nachspiel-guitarpals"

S: Who is who, have you figured that out?

Espen: Well, we try to do a geographical placement, So I'll be Halvdan Sivertsen, you know, kozy with beard and round cheek. You (Kurt) are Eggum...

Askil: Then I am Øystein Sunde..

S: You are Øystein Sunde, and you are Eggum offcourse..(Kurt agrees).Then you must be Lillebjørn Nilsen (Lillebjørn = Little bear)

S: You have heard about them?

Alejandro: No I haven't heard about them..

S: Do you know who "Gitarkameratene" is?

Alejandro: No, actually I don't..

Espen: That is kind of why we brought him with us, so we can pass over to him our accumulated wisdom.

S: But you should be glad for being Lillebjørn Nilsen, that's not bad..

Espen: So that is why we have him with us on the road, do our tour, 6-7 exclusive gigs around the country, doing coversongs together with our own songs,so it is a mix of 50/50.. and when we are done touring, Alejandro has become the perfect nachspile-guitarplayer..

S: You have a lot to learn from them

Alejandro: Yes, it is alot..

S: They are pretty professional guys..

Alejandro: Yes they are.. it is an honor to play with them.. it really is..

S: Before you leave, will you finish off with a little taste from the tour here on "Først og Sist"?

Kurt: Oh yes, sure..

Espen: We'll try, see if it works..

S: I'll be quiet:)


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