Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine - Barrels




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Published on Dec 30, 2014

©2014 Dragoon Entertainment


A video showing the Barrels weapon type and some of its abilities.

Barrels are trap weapons that can deal massive Fire-elemental damage to an area. They can be placed and detonated individually or in a chain, but any area-of-effect attack can set them off, most commonly Shotgun attacks from allies and enemies.

Competencies shown in the video include:

Barrel Launch - All Barrels in play are launched at an angle based on the user's position to the Barrel. As it is unlimited use, it can turn Barrels into long-range, massive AoE weapons rather than traps.
Goody Barrel - Unlimited use active Competency that causes standard trap detonation, but heals all allies and enemies in range rather than deal Fire damage.
Barrel Chain - Each consecutive Barrel in a single Barrel detonation does increasingly more damage. Very powerful for boss fights, provided your team survives.
Barrel Loss - Lowers chance of losing Barrels when placing them.
Quick Place - Lowers Speed Counter reduction when placing Barrels or C4 in combat. Useful for setting up a massive Barrel Chain for boss fights.
Thrive In The Chaos - User reduces damage from exploding Barrels by 80% and ignores Barrel Damage, Barrel Chain and Sadism Competencies, hopefully preventing death if the user is caught in their own trap.
Looming Chaos - Every Barrel in play slightly boosts Speed Counter gain for the entire party. 25 Barrels in play will double Speed Counter gain for a party member with no Quick or Slow Competencies.

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