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Published on Jun 2, 2012

I just want to say a huge thankyou for all your name suggestions! I really appreciate them, and the ones that I don't choose I will probably use in the future, so THANKYOU EVERYONE :D


Rose: *in bed with her head on Emmett's chest* "I've missed this"
Em: "me too" *kisses her head* "you know, we didn't decide on a name today"
Rose: "oh yeah" *look up at him* "you got any ideas?"
Em: *shakes his head* "have you?"
Rose: "I think Logan's a cute name"
Em: "I like Logan" *smiles*
Rose: "you have to choose his middle name then"
Em: "alright" *thinks* "how about... E-"
Rose: "and don't say Emmett"
Em: "you take the fun out of everything. Alright, what about James?"
Rose: "why James?"
Em: "it was my Granddad's name, and I always looked up to him as a kid"
Rose: "James it is then. Logan James Cullen" *grins*
Em: "my last name?"
Rose: "of course"
Em: *kisses her* "I love you, you know that?"
Rose: "you have mentioned it once or twice" *giggles and kisses him*
Em: *kisses back the pulls away. Wraps his arms round Rose and kisses her head*
Rose: *falls asleep*
Rose: *walks down the stairs, walks up to Emmett and wraps her arms round his waist* "morning"
Em: *cooking breakfast. Smiles and turns round* "morning beautiful" *pushes her hair back and softly kisses her*
Brooke: *walks down the stairs* "guys really? Not where we eat please!" *gets a glass of orange juice and a slice of toast*
Em: "hey that's my toast!"
Brooke: "not anymore it isn't" *bites into it*
Em: "anyway, why are you so dressed up?"
Brooke: "Julian is taking me out for the day"
Em: "is he coming to get you?"
Brooke: "yes. BUT, you're not meeting him!"
Em: "you can't stop me; he's coming to the door"
Brooke: *sighs* "please be nice. I really like him"
Em: "we'll see"
Rose: *smacks Emmett on the arm* "Emmett, be nice"
Em: "why are you all ganging up on me?"
Alice: *walks downstairs* "because it's fun" *walks into the kitchen* "OOH TOAST!" *grabs the last slice of toast*
Em: "once again; THAT'S MY TOAST!"
Alice: "make some more; you're a big boy"
Em: *puts the food on the plate* "here this is yours"
Brooke: "YUMMY!" *sits at the kitchen table and starts eating*
Em: "wow and you're meant to be the oldest"
Brooke: *eating* "doesn't mean I can't get excited over food"
Alice: *sits down and starts eating*
Em: "yeah you're welcome guys"
Rose: *giggles* "thankyou baby" *kisses him, sits down and starts eating*
Em: *sits next to Rose*
Alice: "so have you decided on a name?"
Em: *looks at Rose*
Rose: "we're gonna call him Logan James Cullen" *smiles*
Brooke: "that is such a cute name! oh I can't wait to start making clothes!" *grins*
Julian: *knocks on the door*
Em: *smirks* "I'll get it" *gets up and walks to the door*
Brooke: "NO!" *gets up and jumps on his back*
Alice: "I'll get it shall I?" *gets up and answers the door* "hi, you must be Julian"
Julian: "that's me. You must be Alice" *smiles* "is Brooke ready?"
Alice: "I'm not sure" *opens the door wider*
Julian: *sees Brooke and Emmett fighting on the floor* "erm, is this a bad time?"
Brooke: *gets up from the floor* "hi Julian!"
Julian: *chuckles* "hey Brooke, you ready?"
Brooke: "you bet" *starts running to the door*
Em: "oh no you don't" *catches her by the waist and puts her behind him* "I don't believe we've met" *holds his hand out* "I'm Brooke's brother, Emmett"
Julian: "nice to meet you, I'm Julian" *smiles*
Em: "I just want to make one thing clear; you hurt my sister and I will kick you ar-"
Brooke: *tackles Emmett to the floor and quickly stands up* "ok I'm ready, lets go" *grabs Julian's hand and drags him outside*
Alice: *closes the door* "wow Emmett, and you're meant to be training for the army" *laughs and goes into the livingroom*
Rose: *walks over to Emmett laughing* "baby are you ok?" *bends down to help him up*
Em: "she just took me by surprise"
Rose: *laughs* "of course she did" *clutches her stomach* "ow!"
Em: *eyes widen* "what is it? what's wrong?"
Rose: *smiles* "he's kicking" *takes Emmett's hand and places it on her stomach*
Em: *grins* "he's kicking. Our little boy's kicking"
Alice: *runs in* "what is it?"
Em: "the baby's kicking"
Alice: "LET ME FEEL" *puts her hand on Rose's stomach* "oh my god. That's amazing!"
Em: "I can't believe it" *kisses her bump*
Rose: "our Logan's finally kicking" *giggles*
Em: "I love you" *kisses Rose*
Alice:" yeaahh... that on the other hand, is NOT amazing" *walks back into the livingroom*
Rose: *giggles and puts her hands on her stomach*
Em: *puts his hands over hers* "our family" *kisses Rose's head*

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas, THANKS :D


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