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Published on Apr 20, 2011

Moscow has four mosques serving some two million people, the largest Muslim population in Europe. But the need for more space is stirring controversy... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com

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Time to burn more korans.
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Rick Kala
Muslims love to make everyone change the rules to appease them and then they try to destroy the host countries culture...........Worship your moon god in your own house..........
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Allah is beyond all material and physical things. The moon is a creation of Allah. Muslims have been the bulwark against Western imperialism and purify cultures, whereas the West destroys like they did in Tasmania, killing the entire indigenous inhabitants of the island.
+Rican GuitarGod Good for them but its not really true as they follow the same laws. Anyway where theres demand theres a way and why not?
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Ed Sm
More Mosques ? , more kicks in your asses !
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Ed Sm
+ALPHAGHOST3 , i say you are what you read so if koran is crap ... you can deduce the rest ,. and BTW i think muslims not eat pork because they avoid cannibalism !
Ed Sm
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I was hoping that Russia would go about systematically eliminating the growing Muslim menace, would show us how it's done.  But Russia is now exhibiting the same pussy behavior towards the spreading Islamic plague within its borders as are Europe and America.  Too bad!
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Сидор Стар
kazakhseven вообщето с 16 века.
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Amina Hallouch
Allah is Great
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Nantale Harry
where can I donate for the construction of the new mosque
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First more Churches and Synagogues in Saudi Arabia :)
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bloch Bloch
cecil123 no problem we are also respect bible
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Levas N
Almost all refugees are Muslims and they are from Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman,......have very high per ca pita income ad have very large land mass to accommodate these Muslim brethren. Yet they and the refugees themselves want the West to take them. Islam has created only chaos and violence everywhere and this is a proof no sane person can deny. Now, look at the refugees. Most of them are young. It tells something........ They are fooling the the dumbest of all people - the Europeans. Accepting Muhammad's religion as just another religion is the most foolish decision one can take. Europeans have become self hating and self destructive. I am from Asia by the way .
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Half of former soviet republic were Muslims
Lynard Ramos
+Tom Jery he is a Muslim... Indonesia strict to other religions when it comes to Politics...
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They are shit out of luck.  Putin said "NO" to anymore mosques. Soon musshits in Russia will be dogfeed.
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Mic Micson
Putin can not control them.  islam continues to spread over Russia.  SAD!!! If Russia had been properly consecrated as so many neo-Catholics insist, Russia would no longer be persecuting the Catholic Church. Russia would not lead the world in ERRORS, abortion statistics, and suicide. Russia would be an agent of peace. Its “orthodox” church would no longer be staffed by schismatic KGB operatives, but by converts to the Catholic Faith. And if Fatima was a mere “private” revelation, 70,000 people would not have witnessed the most colossal visible miracle in history.
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chicle verde
THE ISLAMIZATION PROCESS: 0- Muslims reproduce like rabbits, and have big and poor families. 1- Muslims say: "we just want to express our religion". 2- Based on that, Muslims start pointing their finger against the lifestyle of Non Muslims. 3- Then Non Muslims criticize Muslims. 4- Muslims get offended and claim "islamophobia" (an invented word by the Muslim brotherhood). 5- Then Muslims demand access to media and every social discussion. 6- Muslims demand special accommodations and treatment (just for Muslims, not for other religions). 7- Muslims get angry because they don't get what they want or others have. 8- Then radical Muslims arise and start killing people. 9- The moderate Muslims don't make efforts to stop the Radical Muslims. 10- Then Non Muslims criticize Muslims. 11- repeat from step 4
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Magid Said
dude you are poor not muslims
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