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Published on Feb 29, 2012

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Schroeder takes you through the story of Metal Gear up until Metal Gear Solid 1! Have Fun!

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Written by Phil

Head Writer Dodger:

Written & Edited by Schroeder:

Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross


LORE - Metal Gear Solid Lore in a Minute!

Our story begins in the Cold War fueled 1960's where CIA operative Naked Snake is sent into Russia to hunt down and defeat his former mentor, the Boss; since just a month earlier she defected to the Soviet Union, threw Snake off a bridge, and gave a nuke to human lightning rod Colonel Volgon who promptly used it on Russian soil to frame the US. The military kinda frowns on such conduct. While sneaking, snake eating, and romancing his way through the jungle, Snake battles the Cobra Unit aka Russia's version of the X-men. Oh and Revolver Ocelot too but he's kind of a bitch in this one.Anyway, after destroying the Metal Gear Prototype and saving the day, Snake fights and kills the Boss and returns home a National Hero, taking the title of Big Boss. But in the first of many plot twists, it is revealed that the Boss was actually a double agent for the U.S. and was sacrificed so their cover wouldn't be blown. Big Boss isn't too happy about being tricked into killing his mentor, so he leaves the States and ventures out intoCentral America, collecting soldiers like Pokemon to create an army of mercinaries. Eventually Big Boss decided to settle down on his very own island. Flash forward to 1995 and rookie Foxhound operative Solid Snake is sent to Outer Heaven to rescue captured scientists, locate his buddy Grey Fox, and destroy Metal Gear. After fighting some bosses with some pretty hilarious names, Snake picks up some C4 and destroys Metal Gear. But before Snake can peace out, Big Boss reveals himself to be behind everything and that his intentions were to establish Outer Heaven as a world superpower. Snake defeats Big Boss in Mortal Kombat then GTFO's as the base explodes. Flash forward a couple years later and apparently no one learned anything because the same thing happens in Zanzibar. Only this time Big Boss is defeated for real...probably. But now, in 2005, Snake is forced out of retirement for one more job. Can Snake rescue the Armstech president, the Darpa chief, and stop Metal Gear REX? And who's this Liquid Snake? Why does he have the same face as Solid Snake? Whose footprints are these? Oops.


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