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Published on Mar 26, 2012

Pinball Wizard With 3-Balls
*Defeat Magneto In Final Clash Or Destroy 2 Sentinels During Danger Room Training On The X-Men Table
[Difficulty: Hard]


Music:Henry Jackman

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*I won this trophy defeating Magneto, I found easier.
*Knowing this:
+You need to finish 4 side missions to fight against Magneto.
Mission 1: Magnetic Frenzy
*First you need to take down the targets below Magneto.Do this 4 times.Then hit the hole to start the fight.
*Now you will start a multiball mode.In order to hit Magneto, shoot to the Left Ramp (Unite Ramp) or to the Right (Iceman Ramp) then hit Magneto.Do this 5 times.
*After that you need to take down the target underneath Magneto and finally lock 1 ball. If you lock 2 balls you receive a 15 million bonus.

Mission 2: Phoenix In Peril
*Hit to the Phoenx Ramp 4 times.
*The mission starts with a static ball on the left orbit.Hit it.
*When the multiball mode starts you need to hit Magneto,shoot to the Left Ramp (Unite Ramp) or to the Right (Iceman Ramp) then hit Magneto.Do this two times: One to hit him and one to remove the targets.
*After Locking one ball you win mode.Locking the 2 balls will give you an EXTRA BALL.

Mission 3:Brooklyn Bridge
*You need to hit the Cyclops Ramp to start this fight.
*You can notice that I did that but I started the fight in a different way.You will find the explanation in the next mission.
*After you start the mission, you need to hit the Iceman ramp to make an ice bridge. Do it three times. Then finish the
mission hitting the UNITE ramp.

Mission 4:Capturing Magneto
*You need to hit the hidden sink hole behind the bumpers two times to start this mission.
*Or you can use the X-Men (three) targets to start your last mission. This only works if you win the last 3 missions before if you haven't done you will receive a random mission.I found this more consistent than hitting the hidden sink hole.
*After this, you have to make a skill shot to charge Cyclop's Beam.Now that you have done this, destroy the barriers that Magneto placed in the ramp/orbits, this is random.
*If you run out of heat you need to charge your beam again.So hit Iceman ramp and you will be in the launch lane.This happens after 30 seconds that you started the mode.

Final Clash
*To start this, hit the -Final Clash- sink hole.
*This mode has two objectives:
*To hit some metal barriers that Magneto placed in the ramps and orbits.
*And to reconstruct the bridge hitting 3 times Iceman ramp.These 3 ramp hits also counts for the 20 hits you
*After doing these two things, you need to hit Magneto,shoot to the Left Ramp (Unite Ramp) or to the Right (Iceman Ramp) then hit Magneto.Do this two times: One to hit and one to remove the targets.
*if you can, unite Jean Gray and Nightcrawler,they help a lot.
*Finally,lock 1 ball and the trophy will be yours. also this will give to you letter -M- it is important to know that you don't need to defeat him to light on the letter.


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