Is Romney a Racist: Romney Mexican, Obama The Nigger Parody





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Published on Sep 5, 2012

Is Romney a Racist, Romney Mexican, Obama The Nigger, Nigger Mania, Race in Politics, Alcohol and Politics, 2012 Presidential Election. http://www.onsomebs.com . Mitt Romney and Barack Obama go out for a late night drink at a local bar. The bartender is surprised and shocked to see the two opposing politicians together laughing, mingling and cursing one another out. Obama and Romney get into a heated debate about race in politics while the bartender serves them alcoholic drinks. The bartender asks Romney and Obama questions about the state of the union and the financial banking crisis. Mitt Romney talks about his Mexican roots and Obama defends his Negro heritage and his people. Romney makes Obama so mad that the "Nigger" in him comes out. Let's see where this conversation goes, Will they fight in "words" or physical "blows" ...

Is Romney a Racist: Romney Mexican, Obama The Nigger Parody Transcript

The Bartender - Hey, its my two favorite guys Barack and Mitt. I didn't know you guys would be hanging together. Ain't that a bitch!

Barack Obama - Yo Hey Yo, Thanks for the brew. We only act like we hate each other in the public and in the media, that's just how we do.

Mitt Romney - Barack is right. We are supposed to deceive the people with our lies and act real cruel but when not in front of the camera we are super cool.

Barack Obama - Yeah, that's what's up.

The Bartender - So Mitt, what's this I hear about you being a Mexican. Do you think this announcement could interfere with your presidential election?

Mitt Romney - No, I don't think so. The people elected Barack, plus he is a Negro.

Barack Obama - So Mitt, What the fuck are you trying to say?!

Mitt Romney - I am not trying to say a damn thing against you or the Negro people. I'm just saying, if they let a Negro become president the people should not have a problem selecting a Mexican. The son of an illegal immigrant.

Mitt Romney - (laughs)

Barack Obama - You know your people have always considered us, Can't get rights.

Mitt Romney - Don't worry Barack. I will only worsen the situation and cause the world to further fight!

Barack Obama- (laughs)

The Bartender- Well damn, What more can you politicians put us through?!

Mitt Romney- We are going to put you all through hell!

Barack Obama - You know how we do.

Mitt Romney - All Americans will do is blame Barack if I become president, not seeing the real truth which is very evident!

The Bartender- What is the truth?!

Mitt Romney- We are only being used like puppets. It's just like the movie, The Matrix.

Barack Obama- Yes, we just smile and do as we are ordered.

Mitt Romney- Yes, I will do just as I am told to do. Because, they will kick my ass out right back across the border.

The Bartender - Damn!

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