Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally - Interviews With Participants





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Published on Aug 30, 2010

Produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (camera) with additional camera from Kasey Hosp.

On 8.28.2010, Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally was held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The purpose of the rally, which Beck claimed to be "non-political" despite featuring Tea Party-favorite Sarah Palin as a speaker and its being attended entirely by conservatives, was unclear. The participants spoke abstractly about the need to restore "honor" and "pride" to a country that had lost it. When pressed for when our country had lost its honor, most cited the election of Barack Obama.

8.28.2010 also represented the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech, and Glenn Beck has been criticized for by civil rights groups for trying to misappropriate the occasion.

Last year, Beck referred to Barack Obama—our country's first African-American President--as a "racist... who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture." When offered the chance to respond to Beck's statements, his fans either agreed with him or simply refused to believe that he had ever made them.

While the speaker list was diverse, the overwhelmingly white crowd expressed paranoid and conspiratorial fears of multiculturalism—that atheists or black liberation theologists or radical Muslims or "free-loading" Latinos were going to ruin our country. There was the constant suggestion that white Christians and their way of life are somehow under assault, and that the attendees of this rally were here to put an end to it and return the country to what it used to be.


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Comments • 11,291

Hail Victory
gotta give this guy credit he doesnt even try to set people up he just lets them make fools outta themselves however they want to
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Dakota Copeland
I love all New Left Media's interviews. They don't make fun of people. They just let these people make fools of themselves.
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I'm curious as to who they think they are "taking back" this country from. And also how they would define the group doing the "taking back" as. My guess is, when it gets down to the core, that these white, republican, Christian Americans want to "take America back" from the non-white, non-republican, non-Christian Americans because they're not "true" Americans.
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Ho Hum
They make UKIP in Britain look rational and fun loving
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Memo Less
Dumbass racists who don't have a clue about the truth. They all have been brainwashed by FAUX News.
This makes me want to denounce my US citizenship
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Shaded Muse
when will you interview trump supporters at a rally?
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Chase Gamer TV
The best part about this: he didn't set them up or bait them into giving stupid or funny answers... This was just pure Republican Right Wing talking points. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at the ignorance and stupidity of these people. On one hand it is extremely entertaining for most of us, and it will ensure none of us have to suffer through another Republican Presidency in our lifetimes. But it is embarrassing as an American when the rest of the world sees ALL of us as right wing fanatical racist pigs, when a majority of us are not. Republicans are destroying themselves, their already extremist rhetoric has only become more extreme. It's as scary and disturbing as it is entertaining.
adrzz 22
Fun game: try and spot an African American in this rally. Spoiler: you won't find one. But imagine if republicans didn't develop policies that satisfied all types of people and imagine if they suppressed minorities? Thank god they do the first and not the latter...
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Homeless Cop
This is a tornado of ignorance, blowing white trash everywhere
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