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Published on Jul 12, 2010


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Missions Covered In This Video:

Mario Galaxy 2 was released in Europe on 11th of June 2010 and recording for this Playthrough started 14th June.
This Playthrough was recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR at 480p resolution.
This playthrough was also not done in one sitting and you may notice some failed attempts have been edited out, but they will be kept for a blooper reel after the playthrough is complete! =)
Enjoy my first ever Playthrough!


Extra Tags:
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Mario Luigi Yoshi Princess Peach Rosalina Bowser Toad Brigade Bowser Jr. Piantas Penguru Queen Bee Bees Penguins Gearmos Lubba Luma Shop Hungry Luma Luma Luma (species) Giant Luma Bob-omb Buddies Star Bunnies Signposts Coach Co-Star Luma Cosmic Spirit The Chimp Whittles Fluzzard Jibberjays

Big Boos Boomerang Bros. Choppahs Cosmic Clones Diggas Elite Octoombas Fizzlits Flaptacks Flimps Fuzzies Gargantua Koopa Troopas Grand Paragoombas Grinders Gummits Hammer Bros. Kleptoads Lakitus Ledge Hammers Magmaarghs Magmaws Mattermouths Mega Wigglers Octoboos Paragoombas Pinheads Piranhacus Gigantici Prickly Piranha Plants Pupdozers Rhomps Silver Chomps Skeeters Smeeches Snoodles Spinies Spiny Hermits Super Thwomps Swaphoppers Twirlips Whimps Whomps Amps Astro Goombas Banzai Bill Bloopers Bob-ombs Bomb Boos Boos Boulders Brrr Bits Bullet Bills Burn Bits Chomp Pups Cheep-Cheeps Cluckbooms Crabbers Dry Bones Firebars Fire Shooters Flipbugs Golden Chomps Goombas Grand Goombas Gringills Incoming Chomps Jack O'Goombas Jellyfish Koopa Troopas Magikoopas Mandibugs Mecha-Koopas Mines Octoguys Octoombas Piranha Plants Pokey Sprouts Porcu-Puffers Pushy Walls Scuttle Bugs Slurples Spiky Plants Starbags Stretch Plants Swoopers Thwomps Tox Boxes Undergrunt Gunners Urchins Water Shooters Wigglers

? Blocks ? Coins 1-Up Mushrooms Balloons Bee Mushrooms Berries Blimp Fruits Boo Mushrooms Brick Blocks Bronze Stars Bulb Berries Chance Cubes Checkpoint Flags Cloud Flowers Coins Comet Medals Dash Peppers Fire Flowers Flower Grapples Flying ? Blocks Grand Stars Green Power Stars Ground Pound Switches Honey Honeycomb Wall‎s Item Crystals Large Coins Leaf Rafts Launch Stars Life Mushrooms Meteorites Power Stars Pull Stars Purple Coins Rainbow Notes Rainbow Stars Rock Mushrooms Silver Stars Sling Stars Snake Blocks Snowballs Spin Drills Springboards Spring Mushrooms Star Balls Star Bits Star Chips Starshrooms Time Switches Teleporters Timers Tip Network Warp Pipes

World 1: The Great Space Journey Begins
Sky Station Galaxy Yoshi Star Galaxy Spin-Dig Galaxy Fluffy Bluff Galaxy Flip-Swap Galaxy Rightside Down Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla

World 2: Shooting Through the Stars
Puzzle Plank Galaxy Hightail Falls Galaxy Boulder Bowl Galaxy Cosmic Cove Galaxy Wild Glide Galaxy Honeybloom Galaxy Bowser's Lava Lair

World 3: The Far Reaches of the Universe
Tall Trunk Galaxy Cloudy Court Galaxy Haunty Halls Galaxy Freezy Flake Galaxy Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy Beat Block Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

World 4: The Many Mysteries of the Cosmos
Supermassive Galaxy Flipsville Galaxy Starshine Beach Galaxy Chompworks Galaxy Sweet Mystery Galaxy Honeyhop Galaxy Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet

World 5: Trial of the Galaxies
Space Storm Galaxy Slipsand Galaxy Shiverburn Galaxy Boo Moon Galaxy Upside Dizzy Galaxy Fleet Glide Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

World 6: Bowser in Your Sights
Melty Monster Galaxy Clockwork Ruins Galaxy Throwback Galaxy Battle Belt Galaxy Flash Black Galaxy Slimy Spring Galaxy Bowser's Galaxy Generator

World S: Here We Go!
Mario Squared Galaxy Rolling Coaster Galaxy Twisty Trials Galaxy Stone Cyclone Galaxy Boss Blitz Galaxy Flip-Out Galaxy Grandmaster Galaxy

Peewee Piranha Giga Lakitu Digga-Leg Gobblegut Bugaboom Rollodillo Sorbetti Megahammer Glamdozer Squizzard Prince Pikante Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine Whomp King Fire Gobblegut Giant Bowser Dino Piranha King Kaliente Major Burrows Bouldergeist Fiery Dino Piranha


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