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Published on Jun 10, 2011

A member of the mighty Blackrock Clan and brother to Broxigar the Red, The first thing you must know about Saurfang is that Saurfang Knows all, Sees all, and Cleaves all.

Varok Saurfang is a true Orc warrior in every sense of the word. Filled with the bloodlust brought on by Mannoroths Blood Saurfang was brutal and merciless in his youth. However before he left Draenor he had a son with an unnamed Orc female and he promised her, that her son would stay behind and live untainted, he named his son Dranosh and left him with the Mag'har in Nagrand. After that he went off through the portal to kill and maim for the glory of the Horde. When Doomhammer took over the Horde he made Saurfang second in command much like Doomhammer used to be to Blackhand. As the Warchief's lieutenant Saurfang led countless assaults on the the humans of Azeroth. When the Horde lost the second war Saurfang did not go back to Draenor with the retreating Horde. Instead he was captured and placed in an internement where he dealt with his bloodlust like any other orc.

When he was broken out of the internement camp by Thrall and the Horde he was a new Orc, which was fitting cause it was a new Horde as well. He had overcome his bloodlust and realized the magnitude of his actions. After Grom lifted the Orcs bloodcurse Varok Saurfang helped many veterans overcome their own bloodlust. However Saurfang was not one to shy away from a battle either, he knew to kill for pleasure was wrong but when it came to kill or be killed he did not hesitate to swing the first axe. When the third war came Saurfang met the undead and demon legions with a warriors rage and a clear head. This made Saurfang a veteran of the First, Second and Third wars.

As the new Horde took its shape and Orgrimmar was built for a few years Saurfang stood at or near the gates and proclaimed the accomplishments of heroes to all the city. For example if you murdered a big ass dragon and brought its head to Saurfang he was there to make sure people knew it was you. When the Silithid awoke and threatened the world Saurfang was one of the commanders of the Might of Kalimdor, which was a group that was composed of Horde and Alliance working together to squash those freaky looking bugs. After that he returned to Orgrimmar to stand around AND BE AWESOME once more.

A few years passed and he was made commander of the Kor'kron guard which are the Warchiefs personal bodyguards. When the scourge returned instead of remaining in Orgrimmar he was sent with Garrosh and the Warsong Offensive to spearhead the Horde campaign in Northrend. It is believed Saurfang was sent with Garrosh to hopefully counter-act the rushed hot blooded actions of the future Warchief.

During the war against the Lich King however, Saurfangs son Dranosh was recruited as a commander in the Kor'kron Vanguard which was an offensive faction of the Kor'kron Guard sent to Northrend. Allied with the Alliance's 7th legion he and a human named Bolvar Fordragon sieged the gate into Icecrown, a gate called Angrathar or the wrathgate. While attacking the scourge forces there, Dranosh suffered a great betrayal and was killed by a forsaken apothecary. His body was not lost though and the scourge carried him away and raised Dranosh as a deathknight. Upon the Horde invasion of Icecrown Citadel Saurfang came face to face with his son, and with the help of some nameless heroes he was able to free his son from the Lich Kings control and give him a proper burial in Nagrand. He has since been ordered by Garrosh to take control of the Warsong Offensive in Northrend.


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