The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Official Trailer [HD]





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Published on Jun 16, 2010

The Official Trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

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fahim tabriz
for the past 6 years , i have been eagerly waiting for the next part :(
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Silver Ibex
Rique Viola
Xeef1812 december 2017 another cast
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and then Eustace became an asshole again an got trapped in a maze only to betray everyone. should've stayed as a dragon.
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Ravi Chupki22
Venice Margarette
Venice Margarette
omg this made me laugh 😂
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Yakumo Saitou
The first Narnia film is great! The second one is even better! The third ... -.- !! What happened to the director, to the great music and the story ?
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Magma k
second one was amazing
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The ending is best part of movie. Very emotional. Shame the rest of movie was boring. The first one is the best by far. LWW.
yeah. they suck
Jose De Jesus Rivera Velueta
+new0033 i know they ruined a good movie, the first and second were the best
t sk
Heart Of Courage!!!!!!!!
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Music from Boro
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Nashuatec Peña
When you see Peter and Susan in the Trailer but you didn't see them in the movie... get back my money .___. But Caspian look more sexy than before... Ok It's a amazing movie😍😍😍😍😍
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Shyami Selvanayagam
What we meant was that in the trailer, it showed Peter and Susan returning to Narnia and walking alongside Edmund and Lucy. Thats what made us annoyed
Niel Rufino
They did appear. When Lucy receive a letter from Susan and when Lucy see herself as Susan in the Magic Mirror in the book. And Susan appeared again with Peter when Lucy look to the mirror in the ship and aslan, appeared. :)
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I hope my profile pic gives you nightmares
Am I the only one who liked the movie..
+Angry Baby No you're not. I like this movie too. Very much :)
The Mad Hatter
I feel like if Andrew Adamson directed this movie like the first 2 it would have been better, seeing as he loved the books. This new director ruined it
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Girl with Stilettos
He was fired, cause the poor success of the PC film... That's why FOX also took the film, Disney didn't want to make the film
The Mad Hatter
+davidpaw22 I'm not sure why he left
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Filbert Vance Martin
they're making the next one The silver chair and completely change the whole cast. we all knew what happen when you replace the whole cast
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@richiefranklin76 that is so true and smart!!
RikaZ 1594
prince caspian is older, they can get and old actor , the only one NEEDED is will poulter but now he has grown up
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Krystian Zagórski
I remember how much excited I was after seeing trailer, and how disappointed after watching movie :P
Abigail Thompson
Yep.  It basically went like this: I'm really excited, they finally made a third one!  Wait.  Why is the green mist eating people?  Seven swords of the seven lords?  The heck?  Why did they let him keep a sword in jail and why is it covered in rock?  Sigh.
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