Day in the Life of a Screaming Baby (the hidden side of parenting)





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Published on Jun 11, 2011

You never really see a day in the life with an unhappy baby. So this is our day. These clips were all taken from one day, at the end of a very unhappy week last summer. This would have been my worst week of parenting a baby, as nothing I did could make him happy. Its taken me a long time to be able to look back on these clips and not cry.

The screaming goes on for a lot longer with each clip, but I tried to keep it short. You get the idea!

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Angie K
This video should be played in EVERY Sex Ed class
Annette Elliott
put a sock in it
John Troller
im never having kids
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Ahmet Ozokcular
Neither am I
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Going to get a vasectomy after watching this video....smh
John Schips
All out, full blown, demon seed temper tantrum at 10:58. Wtf is wrong with you, mom? Throw the demon in his crib, close the door , turn up the music.
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Harold Young
John Schips Johnnie you are such a pisser a sorry bitch now you are the one that needs to shut up, grow up, stand-up and leap up and get the hell away from babies you make a fool out of your self I bet your mommy is so very proud of you smart ass now go on Johnnie try and make something out of your self
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Solitaire 514
I`d rather have a bullet in the head than endure that.
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Nasty Pasta 754
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Ahmet Ozokcular
AMEN pets are better FUCK BABIES
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Gabrielle Petrocelli
He's a little old to be acting like that. There's a couple of things that could be wrong . either he needs to be switched on milk/formula and he's gassy or I'm leaning more towards he's just spoiled. He stops crying when you hold him. stop! feed him only on his normal schedule nothing less nothing more . Do not pick him up everytime he cries. let him cry it out for a few days hell eventually get tired of it and learn he won't get his way anymore. don't ever let a small child run a grown adult. You're the boss!
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Cristina .Filipe
I have two kids grown U know nothing about me don't know why the hostility Go for a walk dear Stop implying don't think too much clearly you don't know how to give advice nor I asked for it I don't even care about u or what u think Was NOT talking to u Anyway go back to your dolls! ;)
Lynn Kayee
Agreed. I felt the same way. Obviously there are exceptions to that and we don't know if she fits into one. But yeah, kids need to learn to self sooth. Giving in...well, it's the easiest way in the world to fuck your kid up.
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I am so glad I'm gay...
keka james
🤔 lol so gay don't cry
Melissa L
Cuddling him while he is having a tantrum over some sort is not good because it can teach the child that it is ok to throw tantrums and get cuddles in return!
I have a degree in Clinical Psychology...just FYI, before anyone chooses to tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about. Seems like he "recovers" well after being picked up? I just hope she's taken him to a pediatrician to first make sure it isn't anything physical...if he checks out ok, which I TRULY believe he would, then mom's never given him the opportunity to learn how to self sooth...and she really needed to let him "work it out" once in a while, when this began, I'm sure, when he was an infant and has just continued, being accepted as their "normal"...well, there's NOTHING "normal" OR healthy about it! And, at the age he was in this video, beginning to "discipline" with short time outs, etc would have been entirely appropriate. in conjunction with maintaining CONSISTENCY, being paramount! This appears to be a case of over indulging and 100% 'behavioral' to me. I feel badly for Mom, but even worse for the baby because by indulging him, he's miserable all the time! He wants what he wants, WHEN HE wants it and she's taught him exactly how to get it! Apparently, he HAS to be carried if not, he then screams bloody murder. She wasn't doing her baby any favors by doing this...or even more importantly...herself. This is when & why mothers end up killing their babies...and believe me, I'm NOT JOKING! The mother ends up exhauster beyond believe then just snaps one day. Too bad she hadn't realized this sooner? This was 2011...wonder what the outcome was?
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Harold Young
Ilona Agata you are 100% correct
niandra 85
It's vvery important to let them be alone for a minute or not always pick them up or at least not immediately - but you cannot leave or not react! You have to react somehow if you don't want to teach them that they can't rely on you.. You don't know what this kid is feeling and why, I hate it when people suggest that babies are manipulative or spoiled..
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I'm so sorry you had it rough..... I would've hate to deal with a baby like this...... It's exhausting just watching .....
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