阿幼朵 - 太阳鼓 (Sun Drum)

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Gepubliceerd op 25 mei 2007

The song title literally means "Sun Drum"

The beautiful A You Duo is a Miao Chinese singer from Guizhou province.

In this song she sings in Mandarin Chinese; However, the background vocal is hard to make out. Most likely it's in her local Miao dialect.

Title: Sun Drum (太阳鼓)
Lyricist: Vu Ke (浮克)
Composer: Vu Ke (浮克)
Artist: Ayouduo (阿幼朵)
Lyrics (translation courtesy of zhouzhzh):

Da-hey... the shining & bright Sun...
The sound of Sun Drum shakes mountains.
Da-hey... looking back at the shining golden hometown...
The sound of Lusheng is melodious.
Da-hey... floating on river are ancestor dreams...
The limpid river flows without stopping.

Sing songs... full of happiness.
Our life is full of sunshine.
Wind flows... wine smells well.
Our days are winey.

Looking around all mountains,
You find that the hope drifts down from the sky.
Smelling hundreds of flowers,
You find that the fragrance fills the whole world.

阿幼朵 太阳鼓
哒哎 亮光光的太阳 鼓乐震山岗
哒哎 回望 金灿灿的故乡 芦笙声悠扬
哒哎 祖先的梦想漂在河面上 清江清流水长
歌一唱喜洋洋 生活充满了阳光 风一吹日子漂满了酒香
望一望满山梁天空洒下的希望 闻一闻满世界的百花香


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