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Uploaded on May 11, 2008

The 2011 Guinness World Records book shows that Fluffy, the reticulated python from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, is the longest snake in custody, at 24 ft. (7.3m).

Unfortunately Fluffy died on October, 26, 2010. She is greatly missed. She now has a daughter at the zoo, named Hanna, after a contest announced in December 2010.

Video shows the world's largest exhibited snake, the world's largest indoor pachyderm exhibit, North America's tallest elephant, and a tornado event.

Fluffy, a reticulated python, python reticulates, is considered the world's largest exhibited snake. Fluffy is over 24 feet long, 300 pounds, and 15 years old. Fluffy's waist is the size of a watermelon.

She is shown taking a bath and jerking or twitching. Two people have to be in with her, one to protect the other. She has 57 children. Females incubate their eggs by coiling their body around them. They keep them at a constant 89 C. They even shiver to maintain the right temperature. Fluffy was supposed to make an airplane trip, but it was cancelled after the movie, Snakes on a Plane, came out.

Jack Hanna, of the Columbus Zoo, has taken Fluffy on the David Letterman show. Here, Hanna said that Fluffy could get to be get 30-40 feet long, and live to be 50 years old. Resembles Harry Potter Voldemort's Nagini

According to Guinness World Records 2005, the world's longest snake was a reticulated python, which was 32 ft. 9.5 in. It was killed in Celebes, Indonesia, in 1912. Fluffy came to the zoo recently and the signs shown in the video give the information about her.

Also shown is the elephant considered the tallest Asian elephant, Elephas maximus, in North America. He is 10 feet at the central hump at his back. Possibly may be the tallest known elephant, maybe even the largest land mammal. He resides in the world's largest indoor pachyderm exhibit as shown here.

This was followed by a tornado alert, when the zoo was evacuated into underground chambers. We were right under the elephant exhibit (very strong building) and could hear them walking above us. The tornado activity went right over the zoo. There were touchdowns on either side of the zoo.

It was part of a massive storm system that had killed at least 24 people.

The video shows the tornadic clouds associated with a tornado. One tornado touched down at around 1:00 several miles west of the zoo. Calls reporting another began to come in around 1:12 according to the Columbus Dispatch (08.05.12 p. B3).

At around 1:30 the evacuation began (there was a notification problem). The cloud photographs at around 2:00 on the video were taken at around 2:00 p.m. as the storm passed over and show the clouds associated with the tornado. One of the clouds shown was an unusual circular rose-shaped cloud. Later another tornado from the same storm touched down east of the zoo. The storm spawned several funnels, which did not touch down.

Also shown is the Reverse 911 system in operation. Here 911 notifies people of an emergency, rather than the opposite.

Altogether at least 24 people are known to have been killed by the storm as it passed accross the US. 52 tornadoes were spawned. 900 tornadoes have been reported since 08.01.01.

One of the funnel clouds associated with this event was videotaped: Funnel cloud in Ohio:

On the same day earthquakes shook other parts.

The Columbus Zoo, Ohio, is number 1 in the country USA Travel Guide (Columbus Dispatch 2009.03.01 p. A3)

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Unfortunately Fluffy died on October, 26, 2010. She is greatly missed.


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