Heart Of Blood A Roc Royal Vampire Love Story Chapter 2





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Published on Mar 22, 2012

*In India's Quarters* ( Basically her part of the mansion)

~Zole's Pov~
Im so hungry and I need to feed.... Dont worry india and i are still in training and we do know alittle something something about feeding but never killing the human.Im thinking about going to this club tonight to find a "victim" not necessarily a "victim"but you know what I mean.... Im really hoping that India will be down for this with me.....

Me: India * screaming*
India: -__- *annoyed tone*yes Zole?
Me: Im going to this club tonight..... wanna come?
India:* thinks about it * nopee.......
Me: aww come on sis please.... Im hungry
India: nopee....I don't wanna...besides it's never fair to always get what you want,I never get what I want.
Me: that's because you walk around sniffing people and getting satisfaction.I sink my teeth in things.....
India: *gives zole an aggravated look but zole can see "give in" im her face.*are you really that hungry??
Me: Yesssss *starts to lick the inside of an empty jar that blood used to be in*
India: 0_o alright, alright ill come; just stop being weird.
Me: Yay * dashs over to India and attack hugs her*
India: ok thats enough now get off me trick *chuckles*
~End Of Pov~
~India's Pov~
I did not really feel like going out tonigth but zole practically begged me so I just decided to say yes.... We decided that we wanted to walk/run to this club...(Zole and India both can run super fast....)we had no choice anyway.
~End of Pov~
~Princeton's Pov~
Yes!! were here in this club... AND I see some pretty fine ladies * grabs drink and follows some girl*
~End Of Pov~
Prince: Hey shawty you look mighty fine tonight...*winks*
Random Girl: *Blushes* thank you and you dont look to bad yourself
Me: Oh thanks Im Princeton but you can call me prince and you are??
Random Girl : Ok Prince * chuckles* Im Janine
Prince: mmmn Janine I like that name * licks lips* how about we go somewhere and talk
Janine:That sounds nice
* They leave and go talk*
*Mean while with Prod, Roc and Ray*
Ray: Yo prod it was a good idea you suggested we come to this club
Roc: Yea man so much girls * rubs hands together*
Prod: Yea I know *smiles cocky*
*2 girls walk by*
Ray and Prodigy: Damn!
Prod: uhhh Roc you good Staying here at the table
Ray:Uhh yea man *he says while staring at one of the girls*
Roc: Yea I guess :/
Prod:Thanks man im about get me a number * starts leaving the booth*
Ray: Yea thanks bro *daps roc and they leave*

~Roc's Pov~
Man I really did not want to stay here all by myself.... I wanna talk to some girls too. *sips on some of his drink* As im sitting here for a min I notice someone familiar walk in.. *Squints to look* OMG! Its the girl from the rock and she looks beautiful. She's just sitting all by herself ( why is she always alone) Maybe I should go talk to her.. I stared at her for a while then I finally decided to go talk to her* Gets up and starts to head over to India.*

~India's Pov~
So when me and Zole got to the club she immidately left me to find someone to feed off of. She told me she would come and find me when she is done; I did not want to dance or anything so I found this little booth near the back of the club and sat down. As I was sitting I started to get a feeling like someone was watching me. I looked around and scanned the club until my eyes landed on some guy. He was staring at me with a stalkerish look on his face; He had on a black shirt and some jeans with a curly hair cut. He kept staring at me then He started to walk over in my direction.... All I could think was damn I really dont want to be bothered....

???: Hello is anyone sitting here the guy said
Me:Umm Noo I awnsered not looking at him
???: Ok takes a seat.... Hi my name is Roc
Me:* looks up *Uhh hey Roc? (His name is so wierd)
Roc: *Staring at India's eyes and how pretty she is* DAMN!
Me: Excuse me ?!?
Roc: Oh I am so sorry but you are gorgeous*smiles*
Me: Thanks * smiles a little*
Roc: Sooo....umm wh-GCO
Me:* Sees Zole telling her to come on* I uhh... Im sorry but I have to go, it was nice talking to you * Gets up and leaves*
Roc: But... wait... *Mumbles * I did not even get your name.
~End of India's Pov~

~Roc's Pov~
Wow she left so fast I did not even get a chance to have a full conversation with her... For some reason I want to get to know her and be with her. I don't Know I just feel this weird connection with her... I sat their thinking about her and how beautiful she was... Damn will I ever see her again??? after a few minutes I decided to go find my way back to the boys...
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