10 Useless Human Body Parts





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Published on Aug 10, 2012

10 Useless Human Body Parts

Everyone's got a third eyelid, unfortunately it doesn't do anything. Presenting 10 body parts that are pretty much useless.

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Former Gay
Just because we don't know it, it doesn't mean it's useless. Every part of the body is here for a reason. Now, truth be told, I twisted that reason and when I was gay I used some of my body parts for what they were not created, but that is a different topic altogether.
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From some of the comments here on YouTube, I'm going to add the brain to this list. :/
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The Comment Grader
As I stare down at my nipples, I question myself. What is the meaning of my life?
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So much misinformation but hey lets believe it cause the graphics are cool! 
God Made Everything In this world for a reason. If you dont believe in God then you can believe whatever you want to.....
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Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic
Yolo Swaggins
YOU FORGOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!! (caps to get attention) Scientists have found about 34.176.674 people who do not use their brain. The doctors have given them the name "bro army".
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Males could use their nipples as a pacifier.  I know if I was stuck in a cave with a screaming baby... I'd give it some man nipple until mom came back home from gathering berries. 
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peruda hudson
why is george bushes head not on the list lol
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Kirby The Square
Nipples aren't useless sure they serve no function but it'd look weird as fuck if I saw a man with no nipples and just skin... i'm getting shivers just thinking about it plus think about this if a women's breast had no nipples would you be attracted to those sacks the same way you reacted to regular tits?
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