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Published on Jul 18, 2012

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Tom Cruise is plain dumb and Katie Holmes dumped him right after she got everything she need. Tom is dumber than I thought.

Today, I like to talk about a cover story in People: "Why Katie left Tom?" Subtitle: her daddy's secret plan, Tom didn't see this coming, and scientology's factor."

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood. I like some of his movies, like Far and Away, Jerry McGuire, and A few good men. He is a very talented actor.

But when it comes to his personal life, he is dumber than I thought. I have two good reasons. One) his scientology: People say scientology is a religion. I don't think so. As I know, it is a "science fiction" club, which charges a huge membership fee.

The second reason why I said he is dumb: Here I read to you:" when Tom's dear wife Katie filed for divorce", he was "utterly blindsided and shocked." "He has NO idea. He didn't see this coming!"

How dumb he is!

Even I could see this coming five years ago when he jumped up and down on Oprah's couch and acted like a nut. He said, here is the quote " I fell in love again!" ---he meant the third time, or the third wife or the third time is a charm-- "Anyone who is not happy for me, they're just not invited to the party."

I was not invited to the party!

Now, Katie Holmes: stop acting like a victim. During all these years with your prince charming, the top gun in Hollywood, you never complained about scientology and Tom. Instead, you said.

"Scientology is cool!" "I've found the man of my dreams. He is love of MY LIFE"

Now you tried to convince the whole world you are "an escaped slave" from scientology, and Tom: a control freak.

Kate's daddy, Mr. Holmes, came out of nowhere in this drama. The article says, "He took in control" -- another control freak --- "I want to take back my old Katie! I was worried about her."

Well, if you really worry about your 33-year-old daughter, Mr. Holmes, you should put her
in a convent as a nun, not an actress in Hollywood in the first place.

For average people like you and me, marriage is celebration of love, commitment, sacrifice, and hard work in our bumpy and painful life journey. Some survived and some didn't, but at least we tried.

But in a rich people's world, marriage is a show, a game, and a marketing publicity.
Tom and Katie's marriage is just another one. No big deal!

But their "marriage" tells us at least one thing: A workable marriage has nothing to do with money, fame, and good looking. For many people in Hollywood, keeping their "happy" marriage longer than their honeymoon is always a "mission impossible".


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