Not Your Enemy {Nick Jonas Love Story} Chapter 15 "That's...Embarrassing" Des. Box





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Uploaded on Sep 27, 2008

OMG! I have 657 subscribers! When I posted the last chapter I had 607. And that was 3 days ago!! Thank You!
Here is the story! :)

"Is there something I should know?" I asked seeing their looks.

"YES!" Nick said very excited. "We're going to PARIS!" Nick said.

I turned around and walked away.

"Okay then, that was very nice." he said.

I turned around.

"Sorry, not much of a happy person in the morning." I said.

I took a shower and got dressed. I put my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs to see everybody still sitting.

"Ok, now I'm better. Yay! Paris!" I said.

They all smiled. Nick hugged me and I hugged back and closed my eyes taking the scent Abercrombie perfume. And his curls still wet from taking the shower. Then, I broke the hug and looked at Joe and Kevin.

"Wait" I said taking a step back. "How are we going to get there?" I asked shaking a bit.
"Thats the problem." my mom said.
"We're gonna take a plane." Sara said.
"WHAT?! I can't! I won't and you can't make me. I CAN'T!" I yelled shaking.
"What's so bad about planes?" Nick asked confused.
"Mom, please I can't." I said.
"You need to know it's okay again. You have to." she said.
"In an 8 hour flight?!" I yelled.
"Alyssa, don't do this here." she said and I started to cry.
"Fine! I'll go. But I want to sit next to Nick." I said and he smiled.
"Is that okay Nicolas?" Mrs. Jonas asked with a smile on her face.
"Yea, its completely fine. Perfect actually." he said smiling at me.
"But when? And how long?" I asked.
"Oh, honey. Just 2 weeks. That's all. And we're leaving in two days." she said.
"Ok." I said still scared.

The 2 days went be slow. The only two things I did after I ate was pack and avoid Nick. The only time we met was when I fell down the stairs. I didn't get hurt or anything. Actually, I thought it was pretty hilarious. But Nick on the other hand was so worried. I loved that. I was melting about how nick he was. Or he is. Because these days, you can't trust guys anymore. And I don't know how but I think I trust him. Maybe, JUST maybe, fall in love with him. And maybe I don't hate the idea of falling in love with him. But just him. Not anyone else.

We were in the car on our way to the airport and I was scared like a pig when they know they are gonna get killed. Way to compare myself to a piganyways. I looked outside my window and then back at Nick who was sleeping in his weird position. He was sleeping with his mouth wide open. I laughed and then looked at him again and studied his face, his hair, his eyes, his teeth, his snores, even his cur-

"Stop staring." Sara said taking me out of my trance.

Nick woke up to the sound of the yell.
"What?!" he yelled quickly.
"I was not staring!" I said.
"Yes, yes you where." Joe added.

I glared at him.

"Just saying." he said as he raised his hands.
"Who was staring at what?" Nick asked confused.
"No one to nothing." I said.
"Nick, Alyssa was staring at your face." Sara said. I hit her arm.
"Oww!" she screamed.
"She was?" Nick asked Sara but looking at me.
"Well, you looked funny. With your mouth wide open. It was hilarious!" I lied.

He actually looked cute. Nick tried to hide it but I knew he was hurt. I saw it in his eyes. So full of emotions. That's bad at times. But I felt worse because I was the cause to make the spark in his eyes shine away.

"Oh, ok. That's...embarrassing." he said as he looked down.
"No, I-" I started but the car stopped not letting me finish my sentence.

There is always something stopping me to finish. Ugh! But I knew on the plane ride I'd sit next to him so I decided I'll tell him then.

When we got to the plane, the seats were messed up so Nick & I ended up sitting with strangers. So we decided that we would tell him or her to move to where Nick was. But that changed. That guy I was sitting next to was so cute! It's what you call...DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I had to meet him. Girl stuff you know. Anyways, I told Nick that I didn't want to trade seats. He got pretty mad. But he'll get over it I thought.
Again, didn't know where to stop. So this is what you get. Its pretty long too so you got lucky! LOL!
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