Jukou B-Fighter Mega Hercules 重甲ビーファイター メガヘラクレス




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Published on Mar 28, 2015

Welcome to my video of DX Mega Hercules [メガヘラクレス] from Jukou B-Fighter [重甲ビーファイター]!

I mentioned in my video on the Super Pladera Jukou Kichi that B-Fighter relied heavily on stock mecha footage to cheaply fill out time whenever necessary. Over time this footage would tend to get stale with only three Beet Machines fighting off the same Jamahl Fighter footage. Enter Mega Hercules. Mega Hercules is the fourth Beet Machine and a solid way to bring new life into the Beet Machine concept. So how is it as a toy?

Mega Hercules comes with...well, nothing really. It can break down into two individual mecha called Land Hercules and Jet Hercules. The miniature Blue Beet that comes with either the Popynica Beet Machine Box or B Commander can ride inside either Land Hercules or Jet Hercules (though the unpainted version doesn't fit well inside Jet Hercules, the B Commander one is ideal). Oh yes, and this thing walks. All six legs move to simulate a walking motion powered by two C-Cell Batteries.

Before I get into my pro/con statements I just want to clear up one thing about the name. It is Mega Hercules. It is based on the Hercules Beetle, not the imaginary Herakles Beetle. Stop calling it Mega Herakles. Thank you.

As Mega Hercules is the Super Beet Machine, it is quite larger than the others. It carries the three Beet Machines in Mega Beet Formation quite well without a hinderance to it's walking feature. The walking feature itself is a nice touch and pretty smooth for being a complicated electronic feature.

There isn't anything bad to say about this toy. It delivers everything promised and is pretty entertaining to watch. The only things I had a problem with were the shoddy paintjob on the little gold bezels that go on to the top of each leg, which was oddly corrected for the US version. Maybe it could have been a little bit quieter somehow, though I doubt it.

As I just mentioned this toy was released in America under the Big Bad Beetleborgs toyline as Gargantis. The only difference is that the gold bezels were made of gold plastic rather than the sloppily painted gold chrome pieces on Mega Hercules.

If you have the Beet Machine Box, you might as well track this guy down as well. It doesn't matter which version you get since there is very little in the way of difference and they both seem to be very cheap even for an unused toy such as mine was. It looks pretty cool and has a sweet gimmick. What more can you ask for?

This concludes the first B-Fighter Month of 2015. Check out the previous videos (Figuarts Blue Beet, Stinger Blade, Jukou Kichi, Stinger Drill). I will be back later in the year with the remaining B-Fighter Figuarts along with a special surprise that you won't find on toy shelves...

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