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Published on Jun 15, 2012

Pwad: Surmont.wad
Author: Larry Schaudies
Date: 1st July 1994
Map: e2m1
Category: UV Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 8:17

"Eat shit and die, buddy."

This level is a perfect example of how you can take an uninspiring idea that's become a shorthand for crap, and make it great by putting everything you possibly can into it.

This is a level based on the author's house. Well, on his farm actually. Which is already more ambitious than the standard house level, as creating a farm setting means multiple buildings, a decent sized outdoor environment, and so on. And I'm partial to any level whose description ends with "well to make a long story short I'm fucked unless you can save the farm." And he's thrown in all sorts of custom sprites - cactuses, trees, vultures - to make it feel fresh, and it works. The strange, often eerie looking trees give a unique feel to the place. There's a ton of variety in the environments, and the gameplay. Hundreds of monsters scattered about to give the player a decent challenge. All sorts of custom sounds, like the line I quoted above. And all sorts of custom textures, most of which look great. Decaying brick walls, a particularly hellish version of the Episode 2 sky, even a few flaming Terminator posters. It's eclectic, like the rest of the level, but Larry's got a good sense of colour and the new textures fit in well.

And yes, there's some pr0n. I had to be careful here - I've been fairly lucky with the minor flashes of softcore GIF in a couple of my uploads, but this is more explicit. (The first word in Larry's textfile is "X-Rated" so I think he sees this as a selling point of his wad.) It may be only 256 colours, and crushed further in Doom's palette, but it's a large potrait hanging on one wall of the bedroom, and there's no mistaking the pose. Tried to avoid showing it up close in this run, you can see the room where it is at 0:32 though.

I first played this level in wadpak4, which was a 1994 wad compilation. That version took out the custom graphics, and the porn obviously. Even in that more drab incarnation, it was a fine level. In an unreleased demo from a few years ago, I managed a time of 10:07. But you've got a problem when trying to figure out a decent maxkill route on this level. It's a large one, with lots of monsters to kill, but most of the really effective monster killing weapons are held back until near the end. So do you play it through the standard way, underpowered for most of the time? Or do you try and find a shortcut to the end, take the larger weapons and return to the start, but then have to run parts of the level twice? In my old demo I went the standard way, but in these runs I thought I'd go quick as I could for the good weapons. It turned out to be a much more effective strategy and I ended up with nearly a two minute improvement over my old time.

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