Flying & Landing the Huey in DCS




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Published on Jul 5, 2014

This video is aimed at people who have some familiarity with helos as represented in games like Arma or similar, and want to take it up to a helo sim like DCS World.

Table of Contents (spoilers I guess!)
0:23 - Disclaimer
0:54 - About the Huey
2:25 - Control setup
3:15 - Helo controls in detail
4:31 - Force trim/force feedback explained - thanks to ExcessiveHeadspace of TARS for the suggestion to pick up an FFB refurb stick.
9:14 - Pedal usage
10:25 - Collective usage
11:17 - Key cockpit instruments
11:29 - Airspeed indicator
12:04 - Vertical velocity indicator
12:24 - Dual tachometer
13:51 - The uncontrolled helo
14:45 - Torque, collective, & countering with pedal
16:00 - Proper take-off control settings
16:43 - Hovering
17:43 - Ground effect
18:19 - Demonstration of transverse flow, translational lift, and gaining/losing each
22:25 - A more traditional take-off
23:10 - Flying at speed - the easy part
23:56 - Summarizing the basic intro section
24:40 - Final words on level/fast flight and basic maneuvers, basic rotor rpm info
25:25 - Intro to landings
25:51 - Demonstrating the wrong way to land - fast and steep
27:15 - Introduction to Vortex Ring State
30:21 - Reemphasizing the VSI/VVI, establishing a 'safety speed margin'
31:37 - High-altitude VRS and recovery
35:00 - VRS summary
35:16 - A typical landing dissected
37:56 - The curve death-trap
39:24 - How to do a sharp turn, curving descent, switchback, j-turn, etc
40:54 - Demonstrating rotor RPM and extremely sharp flares/speed bleeds
43:00 - The earlier landing, but faster
43:57 - Wind and landing
44:45 - Final words/summary

DCS World can be downloaded here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.co...
DCS Huey can be bought here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.co...

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