A Living Legend (Lolena) Chapter 7





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Uploaded on Aug 13, 2010

Selena's P.O.V.

As my mom said, we have been traveling for about two days. In those two days me and my mom had alot of time to get to know eachother better. I guees you could called it mother-daughter-bonding. " We should be arriving at Ellesmera before the sun sets." Said mother. " Ummm mom could I ask you a question ? " " Ofcourse sweetie, you could ask me anything. " Replied my mom. " Well if my dad dosent know that im his daughter, does the rest of the family know ? " I was really nervous but also excited at the same time. I mean its was great that I had a family but what will they act when they see me? Would they be mad or sad ? Angry or shocked ? I mean I dont even know them but I also can't wait to meet them. " Well ofcourse ! Your aunt Katrina couldn't wait to finally see and meet you. She was so excited that she had a niece that could help her with the twins. " I still had one question in my mind but I dont know if I should ask her about it. Well I mean its not like im commiting a crime here or something... right ? " Mom I have one last question for now." I began saying. " dont you feel guilty not telling Father that he has a daughter that you bore him. " She didnt resond for a while. Then she broke the silence: "Well I had and still do have my own reasons. The main one would have to be that I dindn't want him distracted while you were born. He would have had to much in his mind at the time." My mother finally finished. " So this means Saphira dosent know as well, right ? " " You are correct. i trust her with my life but i couldn't tell her because what if while she was sleeping your father found out in her thoughts ? I dont want to hurt him that bad. He will be mad at everyone who knew and even more at Saphira and myself." " Oh. okay. that is all.... for now ." I saw a smile appear uppon her face. Again my mother was right. By late afternoon, Ellesmera came into view. We finally slowed to a walk. As we made our way to the main castle, Alot of the elfs started starring. I bet they were wondering who was this strange human girl beside the Queen of the elves ? Some elfs stoped and bowed. I bet it wasent even for me. Only to their Queen. When we got to the main castle, The elves stoped and did their greeting with my mom. Then, they looked at me and aswell repeated their greetings and I replied. My mom have had time ti rteache we were traveling. I glaced at my mom and she nodded in approvel. Phew. I passed. "Aryayou have returned" Said a voice behind us. As I turned around I saw a man that was inhis mid thirty's. " Ahh. yes Roran I have returned. I'll like you to meet- " " Selena ! " Roran said while he hugged me. Im guessing he was my uncle . Roran Stronghammer. " Heyy... Uncle " I said while hgging him back. I have to admitt. He loooked young for his age. " Thank god you guys made it back safe. Katrina has been worrying since the second you were out of her sight , Ayra. " My mother just let out a small laugh and so did Roran and me. " Same old Katrina.. ... " My mother whispered while chuckling. " Umm uncle is my father here ? " I asked lowly. Roran stared at me for a moment ( problably trying to get used to that he has a niece) "Ahh well yes. He's his room problably sleeping right now. " " When do you think he'll wake up ? " I asked. " Problably in about a few minutes. H e gets really bored sleeping alone while Saphira is out feeding. " " Ohh . okay thanks Uncle. " I said. " Well, its time you met Saphira darling. " Said mother. " But she not here yet .Uncle said- " I was cut off by a growl coming from a few yards away. " Nevermind. " I said lowly. Behind me I heard Roran Chuckle. Saphira had to be the most beautiful dragon I have seen. (well the onlly one actually ). Her scales were a beautiful light blue that shined like diamonds. As she approched I felt her eyes staring at me. " She is no harm to us, Saphira. " My mom said out of no where. Im guessing she was talking with the dragon. " Lets just say, she's an old friend back in the days " Mother replied. " Selena ,i'll like you to meet Saphira. Saphira ... Selena " "Its is a great pleasure to stand infront of you Dragonness. " I said. I suddenly felt a presence in my head besides from mine. ' As well from me. Any friend of Arya is a friend of mine. ' Responded Saphira. " Arya ? have you comed back ? said a voice behind me. I knew it didn't belong to either Roran or Saphira. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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