Obama On Second Term: 'I'd Like To Get As Much Done As Quickly As Possible'





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Published on Feb 21, 2013


  1. 4177

    Senator Ayotte: 'We Need Leadership From' Obama On the Sequester

  2. 4178

    WFXT 02 24 2013 09 13 40

  3. 4179

    George Will: Sequester Numbers Are Wrong

  4. 4180

    Jindal: No Tax Increase to Avert Sequester

  5. 4181

    House Intel Chairman Mike Rogers: 'We Are Losing' The Cyberwars

  6. 4182

    Coburn: Panic Over Sequester is Overblown

  7. 4183

    McCaskill: Senate Will Pass Bill to Avert Sequester This Week

  8. 4184

    LaHood: Sequester's Impact on Air Travel

  9. 4185

    Bill O'Reilly, Kirsten Powers, And Kate Obenshain on 'Barbaric' Late-Term Abortion Policy

  10. 4186

    Woman Who Biden Told to 'Buy a Shotgun' Calls His Advice 'Poor' and 'Sexist'

  11. 4187

    Paul on Obama's Sequester Scares: 'Balderdash! It's Untrue, Unfair, Dishonest, Disingenuous'

  12. 4188

    Obama: 'Don't Know Why People in This Down Leaving Things Until Last Minute'

  13. 4189

    NRO's Robert Costa Talks Sequester on 'Morning Joe'

  14. 4190

    Sharpton: Obama 'Did Not Get All That He Wanted From the Rich'

  15. 4191

    Krauthammer's Take: GOP Governors Can Act Honorably Going Either Way on Obamacare

  16. 4192

    MSNBC's Anti-Gun Bashir Asks Guest If He'd Defend Obama Mural With AR-15

  17. 4193

    Biden: 'Not True!' Gun Control Will Violate Second Amendment

  18. 4194

    Biden: 'It's Unacceptable Not To Take On [Guns],' 'The Third Rail in American Politics'

  19. 4195

    Leno Jokes About Obama's Golf Handicap: 'He Doesn't Understand Economics'

  20. 4196

    Barbour: 'I Hope And Believe' Republicans Will Let Sequester Take Place

  21. Obama On Second Term: 'I'd Like To Get As Much Done As Quickly As Possible'

  22. 4198

    Hoyer, No. 2 House Dem.: 'There is a Spending Problem'

  23. 4199

    Krauthammer's Take: Sequester 'Most Ridiculously Hyped Armageddon Since the Mayan Calendar'

  24. 4200

    Kerry: America Must 'Lead on the Climate Concerns' Facing the World

  25. 4201

    Not Guns, Buddy System

  26. 4202

    McCain Hammered on Immigration

  27. 4203

    Senator John McCain's Town Hall Meeting Gets Heated Over Immigration

  28. 4204

    Gingrich Speaks Out Against Rove, Super PACs in Primaries: 'A Very Dangerous Model'

  29. 4205

    Paul on Sequester Cuts: 'It's a Pittance', Obama 'Divorced From Any Reality'

  30. 4206

    FT Hood Survivor: 'Mr. President... Would You Please Make Sure That We're Taken Care Of?'

  31. 4207

    Ohio Voters Testify About Voter Fraud

  32. 4208

    Colo. Legislator: 'There Are Other Ways to Address Violence. . . Such As Ballpoint Pens'

  33. 4209

    AR-15 Wielding Security Guard Chases Off Robbers

  34. 4210

    Gore Likens Keystone Pipeline to Drug Junkie 'Find[ing] Veins in Their Toes'

  35. 4211

    Despite Being His Idea, Obama Calls Sequestration 'Meat Cleaver Approach' and Lists the Bad Cuts

  36. 4212

    Joe Salazar: 'Feel Like You're Going to Be Raped...'

  37. 4213

    Sanford: 'I Absolutely Failed in My Personal Life' But Never Failed With the Taxpayer

  38. 4214

    Krauthammer: Keystone 'Most Open and Shut Case I've Ever Seen'

  39. 4215

    Who Should Be The Next Pope? MSNBC Panelist Pitches Sotomayor

  40. 4216

    Chris Matthews: 'I Saw Joe McCarthy' During Hagel's Hearing

  41. 4217

    Denis McDonough on Benghazi

  42. 4218

    Paul Ryan on Rove-Grassroots Feud

  43. 4219

    Dr. Ben Carson: Obama's Policies 'Don't Lead to the Growth of Our Nation'

  44. 4220

    Paul Ryan on This Week

  45. 4221

    Paul: Voters Are Ready for Libertarian Republican in 2016

  46. 4222

    Denis McDonough on Face the Nation

  47. 4223

    Cory Booker on Face the Nation

  48. 4224

    McCain: Hagel Will Be Confirmed When Senate Returns

  49. 4225

    Graham on Benghazi: 'President Can Say Almost Anything He Wants... and Get Away With It'

  50. 4226

    Woodward: Dem Senators Have Called WH Asking if Hagel Will Withdraw

  51. 4227

    MSNBC: Why Support President's Education Proposals? 'Chicks Dig It'

  52. 4228

    New Project

  53. 4229

    Susan Rice: Benghazi Critics Are 'Dead Wrong', 'Doing a Disservice to Those We Lost'

  54. 4230

    Krauthammer's Take: Hagel Nomination will be Delayed, Not Denied

  55. 4231

    MSNBC: 'Shouldn't We Also Have Freedom From People Who Have Guns?'

  56. 4232

    Reid Uses Bin Laden Shooter to Slam GOP

  57. 4233

    Reid Announces GOP Filibuster

  58. 4234

    Krauthammer: State of the Union 'Was a Throwback to Mid-Twentieth Century Liberalism'

  59. 4235

    Maher: Gun Control 'Not Really Going to Change Much' Because 'Even the Liberal Party Loves Guns'

  60. 4236

    Jack Lew Will "Leave for Others to Judge" the Morality of His $945,000 Bonus

  61. 4237

    Jack Lew 'Didn't Know' Venture Capital Fund He'd Invested In Was In The Cayman Islands

  62. 4238

    Pelosi: State of the Union 'Was Music to My Ears'

  63. 4239

    Matthews: Rubio Response 'Primitive,' 'Tinker Toys'

  64. 4240

    Van Jones: 'Marco Rubio is Dangerous For Democrats'

  65. 4241

    Sharpton Compares American Voting Practices to Pre-Apartheid South Africa

  66. 4242

    Gergen: 'An Audacious Speech'

  67. 4243

    Boehner Bored Throughout SOTU

  68. 4244

    Krauthammer Leading Up to SOTU

  69. 4245

    Special Report "All Star" Panel on the Pope with Kathryn Lopez

  70. 4246

    Special Report and the Pope

  71. 4247

    McCain on Hagel: 'One of the Most Unimpressive Performances'

  72. 4248

    George Weigel on Pope Benedict XVI's Abdication

  73. 4249

    Dr. Ben Carson: 'Someone Has To Be Courageous Enough to Actually Stand Up To The Bullies'

  74. 4250

    Krauthammer: 'State of the Union Will Be Extremely Aggressive and Partisan'

  75. 4251

    CNN Anchor Wonders if Asteroid is Effect of Global Warming

  76. 4252

    Chris Matthews: 'We Got Meat on Friday, We Would've Rather Gotten Birth Control'

  77. 4253

    Chris Matthews Compares Conclave of Cardinals to School Elections

  78. 4254

    MSNBC Politicizes Pope's Resignation: Will Church 'Come Back to the Middle'?

  79. 4255

    McCain: Leaning 'No' on Hagel Vote

  80. 4256

    McCain: Take Drone Program Out of CIA Hands

  81. 4257

    Pelosi: Need Data Video Games Contribute to Violence

  82. 4258

    Gates: 'Political Leaders Have No Problem Talking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouths'

  83. 4259

    Paul: 'When I Heard Ashley Judd Was Thinking About Running...'

  84. 4260

    Grassley: Obama Administration 'Dodging' Information Requests on Drone Programs

  85. 4261

    Dem Congressman: 'It's Clear That We [Also] Need to Look at Handguns'

  86. 4262

    Tonight Show Turns Obama-Clinton Interview into Cialas Ad

  87. 4263

    Ed Schultz, Martha Plimpton, Terry O'Neill and Nancy Northrop Attack Pro-Life Advocates

  88. 4264

    Brennan: Waterboarding 'Never Should've Been Employed'; In 2007, Said It 'Saved Lives'

  89. 4265

    Feinstein: Get the Code Pinkers Out of Here!

  90. 4266

    Senator Feinstein: Civilian Casualties from U.S. Drone Strikes "in the Single Digits" Each Year

  91. 4267

    Panetta at Benghazi Hearings: 'We Did Not Have Any Conversations with Secretary Clinton'

  92. 4268

    General Dempsey: I'm 'Surprised' Secretary of State Clinton Didn't Know About Steven's Cable

  93. 4269

    Panetta and Dempsey: We Never Discussed Cable With Clinton

  94. 4270

    Senator Chambliss: Your Responses General Dempsey Are Very Inadequate

  95. 4271

    Senator McCain to General Dempsey: Your Testimony 'Is Simply False'

  96. 4272

    Bob Costa: National Review Digital Is Free For College Students

  97. 4273

    Daily Show Rips Obama Administration For Hypocrisy on Drone Transperancy

  98. 4274

    Panetta Warns on Sequestration

  99. 4275

    Priebus: 'Obama Brand... Is Going to Go Down In Flames' Because of Obamacare

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