Kyuukyuu Sentai Gogo Five Victory Robo 救急戦隊ゴーゴーファイブ ビクトリーロボ





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Published on Apr 12, 2009

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MECHA REQUESTS!!! I will make videos of what I feel like!


DX Chogokin Victoryrobo! DX 超合金 ビクトリーロボ!

Ten years ago, before any of this Tomica Rescue Force nonsense, there was THE original rescue series*...Gogo Five! While the movie was very heavy in the mecha department, the very first mecha in the series is hands down the best...Victory Robo! Sure there is the enormous Grand Liner and the similar Victory Mars...but you have to admit that Victory Robo is the best looking mecha from the series.

Victory Robo is made up of five different mecha. Each mecha has it's own unique feature aswell. Victory Robo consists of...

1. Red Ladder
2. Blue Thrower
3. Green Hover
4. Yellow Armor
5. Pink Aider

1. レッドラダー
2. ブルースローワー
3. グリーンホバー
4. イエローアーマー
5. ピンクエイダー

All five combine to form Victory Robo when the command is given (緊急合体! Kinkyu Gattai!). Victory Robo also has a small mode called Victory Walker (ビクトリーウォーカー). It consists of Blue Thrower, Yellow Armor, and Pink Aider in a walking-legs type formation. Instead of a torso, it can fire Blue Thrower's mounted cannons.

Weapons wise, Victory Robo has the Braver Sword (ブレイバーソード) which is used to carry out the Victory Prominence (ビクトリープロミネンス) attack. Another attack (which I poorly conveyed in the video) is the Rapid Ladder Bomber (連続ラダーボンバー).

This mecha features some of the most amazing quality that any mecha has had in recent years. This toy just screams 80s. Between the techy decals and the superior quality (those tires ARE rubber indeed), this toy really is the curtain call of everything i've ever loved about mecha.

My one complaint...it's compatibilty with the Go Liners. Why is this a problem? Victory Robo is small. Pretty small. It would help if it were just a little bit bigger IMO. Grand Liner is massive though...so you can see why i'm conflicted here.

OK...maybe I have two complaints. Despite being a Chogokin mecha (Chogokin Mecha are made with Die Cast Metal parts), this mecha is mostly plastic. A small thing to nitpick, but worth mentioning.

This toy did see an American release as the Lightspeed Megazord from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. While i'm not a total expect on American toys (OK, i'll admit...I know next to nothing about Power Rangers toys sometimes), I can tell by looking at the Megazord version that it doesn't stray too far from the Victory Robo design. The quality is definitely not the same as the Gogo 5 version, but the lack of the infamous "Power Bolts" that they spray onto Power Rangers toys make this a decent alternative to seeking the Sentai version if you don't have the cash. If you do, however, have the cash...definitely go for Victory Robo!

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Thanks for watchin'! See ya next time!

* The Metal Hero Rescue Series were more police-oriented IMO.



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