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Uploaded on Jul 4, 2011

The complete story of Defiance, the final chapter in the epic Legacy of Kain game series.

1:46 The Fire Reaver -
Gained by absorbing the souls of the original Vampire Nature and Conflict Guardians, this elemental enhancement allows Raziel to burn his enemies with its Charged Attack while its Reaver Spell sets all surrounding enemies on fire. Should a burning enemy run into another, this second enemy will also burst into flames however enemies that burn to death cannot be fed from.

3:40 Ariel is better animated in this game but I think they overdid the rotted look.
4:44 "What can you know of Kain?" perhaps he should try giving a full and honest answer, poor communication kills. Raziel is quite happy to mock others for their ignorance but rarely sees fit to try and cure them of it unless it is of immediate benefit to him.

10:39 The Air Reaver -
Gained by absorbing the souls of the original Vampire Mind and Dimension Guardians, this elemental enhancement allows Raziel to spin and disorientate targets with whirlwinds in its Charged Attack and creates a powerful blast of air with its Reaver Spell.

----------------Contains SPOILERS--------------------

Here's a theory I posted on the Eidos forums a while back - What if the Elder God is nothing more than an ancient, evolved Sluagh? -
Back in the Ancient History of Nosgoth what if the EG was just an ordinary sluagh, a mindless spectral animal feeding on lost souls. As time goes by it gets better at feeding than all its peers and becomes bigger and stronger as a result but not only this, it also gets smarter. Over the eons it gains sentience and knowledge, all those souls fueling it. Eventually this once small sluagh has mutated and evolved beyond all recognition. It learns to control lesser spectral beings, no other creature can be allowed to grow in such a way, there can be no competition; they must be destroyed and consumed. This creature can now consume any soul as it tries to rejoin the greater life of the land 'filtering' all a soul has gained in life to feed himself.
Over time it thinks of itself as a god and now it can reach out into the material realm, speaking to the beings there it finds one race it can mold. It tells them of its purpose, to purify all souls as they pass through his 'Wheel of Fate' the purifying cycle of death and rebirth. His followers do not question and they do not understand the truth; their God is a parasite feeding off the wheel, it feeds on the experience a soul gains in life leaving the land drained and stagnant. The world appears healthy but there is no growth, no evolution.
There is another powerful race in the land and they have learned how to make themselves immortal, they will not submit to the Wheel, their souls remain in their bodies. The Elder God cannot feed on them and this cannot be allowed. He pits his followers against them and after the wars have raged for a thousand years his people are triumphant, sealing their enemies into another plane of existence.
But what the God did not anticipate was the consequences. In their defeat the vanquished enemies retaliate with a terrible curse. They inflict his followers with their own immortality, cursing them also with a bloodlust and sterility. His own followers are now useless to him so he turns his sight from them and falls silent. There is however one last race for him to use, a more primitive race which can drive away his now useless worshipers. They have inherited his fallen worshiper's greatest creation and so the Elder God speaks into the mind of the human Time Guardian and incites him to rebellion.


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