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Published on Nov 28, 2009

MORE Fox News Bias at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...

The bias against atheists and atheism on Fox News is consistent, as I've documented in multiple videos, so much so that it almost seems like I could start a contest for the dumbest anti-atheist question of the month, as I show in this video.

The 3 clips from the Fox News story about the Pennsylvania town of Chambersburg and its decision not to allow any holiday displays in the town square this year come from the program "Fox and Friends" broadcast on November 27, 2009 (which I could not find available online), including the question from Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt.

The image of my previous video titled "Citing Atheists Offensive in Obama Inaugural Address?" comes from the YouTube video page at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twoXZE...

I got some additional facts about the decision in Chambersburg, PA, like the possible new location of the nativity scene and the content of the sign proposed by the atheist group, Pennsylvania Nonbelievers Inc, by reading the news story online at http://www.herald-mail.com/?cmd=displ...

And, finally, as always, you can find DOZENS and DOZENS more examples of Fox News bias on my Fox News bias playlist on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...

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Since an atheist is most likely not to believe in an afterlife, paradise or reincarnation, his deed of sacrificing his or her life is even more honourable, as it the the most valuable thing he/she could give. But this is not a qualifier in any way. Every individual who sacrifices health or even life for the community should be honoured, no matter of what belief or non-belief.
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I am a military veteran and an atheist, and this is quite possibly one of the most idiotic questions I've ever heard anyone ask. However, to answer the question, we honor the memory of veterans for their service and sacrifice and hopefully this will inspire future generations to aspire to the same sense of commitment. We don't honor them based on any belief about the current status of their "soul".
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lukus black
The veteran thing... It's purely idiotic. I can't mourn my father, honor his existence, or influence on me... because he's not in some heaven, and can't see what I'm doing? Moronic.. though not the worst I've heard from that particular woman. As for the public displays, as long as it's secular, I don't mind. In fact, I'd be quite interested to see a public display of all of the religious traditions people believe in, in any particular town. I both hate religion, and absolutely adore it. I love hearing about all of the mythologies, and traditions that people believe in... I'm not happy with a specific few of them... but I'd be willing to let them slide for something like this. However, the man did have a point about hate speech. I don't think I'd want anything the KKK believed in shown in a public square for all to see, specifically children. I especially liked what he said about atheism. Not on all of the same pages, obviously, but respectful. Good man. Before someone brings up kids seeing evil atheist displays, or parents guarding their kids from other religions, I'd have to say, if there was a display showing a whole slew of religious beliefs and traditions, I'd see no problem taking my kids there... ok, I've got none... my nephews, then.
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Jon MacArthur
If there is an afterlife, why make memorials at all?
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H.M. Murdock
why would athiests want to honor the dead? well maybe they wish to honor the memory of them, who they were in life and who they meant to you when they still existed. I mean, when my dad dies i know i'll honor him as he was and hold the memories of our time together dearly, not because he's watching me but because i loved and respected him in life and shall continue to love and respect him. just because the body is gone, doesn't mean the memories have to die too
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"True Biblical faith"? You mean the kind that allows you to pick and choose which abominations to treat as such? Does your true Biblical faith include the shunning of shell fish? Do you wear garments made of mixed/artificial materials? Both of those practices are an abomination to God. How about many of the other rules God gave His followers, do you obey them all, or only the few you fell comfortable obeying? Please explain what exactly makes your Christian faith "true"? It seems that you simply have a very specific version of Christianity, the kind that allows you to maintain your bigotry as a form of piety. But do explain yourself, just in case I've got it all wrong. By the way, you must have gathered that I''m not into ghosts and magic. But anyway, enlighten me on this subject. I'm a curious learner, someone who is open to good arguments (as long as they are reasonable and don't require suspending common sense and reason).
Steve Jobs died. How do we still have iPhones? Same level of dumb.
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Sandra Golden
It was a really dumb question.That woman is a complete dummy.  I don't see why the two sides have to be confrontational with each other. It's really stupid. Can't we all just get along? I'm not religious but I do enjoy the traditional side of Christmas. 
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Hermaphrodite Community
we celevrate christmas because is not a religion traditions, christmas was made by german culture, and the christians took that costums to theire religion,, christmas was created by german culture,
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In the dictionary under Dumb Blond comment there is a link to the comment she made
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