Minecraft Box - Mravenčí farma 01: Pomoc jsem mravenec!





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Published on Sep 8, 2012

Mravenčí farma (Ant farm) je originální survival mapa. Vžijeme se do role mravence a naším domovem se stane skleněné mraveniště.
Čeká nás nespočet nástrah a úkolů. Nebezpečí číhá na každém rohu.
Najdeme cestu z mraveniště?

Minecraft Ant Farm (+download): http://bit.ly/GZFuZB
Trailer: http://bit.ly/HwHKnr


Main Achievements:

• Make a bow
• Make glass
• Make a bucket
• Make iron tools
• Make an infinite water source
• Find and harvest sugar cane
• Make a bookshelf
• Enchant an item
• Make a house
• Find, harvest and grow red and brown giant mushrooms
• Find and activate the hidden chicken spawner
• Make a cake
• Make TNT
• Tame a wolf
• Make a wheat farm
• Make a melon farm
• Make a compass
• Find and harvest all 8 diamonds
• Destroy / disable all spawners (Total 18 hostile spawners)

Nether Ant Farm Achievements:

• Enter the nether
• Get gold nuggets
• Make a clock
• Make a golden apple
• Find and harvest glowstone
• Find the Nether Fortress
• Find the treasure room in the Nether Fortress
• Destroy all Nether Spawners (Total 14)
• Make a healing potion

All done? Now do these:

• Leave the Ant Farm [Tip: Where is the light coming from?]
• Get to the floor
• Get the diamond block under the bed
• Get on top of the bed and find the hidden message

• Make the giant zombie destroy the giant door

• There is no coal ore, you must make charcoal!
• The walls are re-textured bedrock, meaning that it's technically opaque and its really dark lower down!
• If you're going to play on Multiplayer, make sure you set spawn radius to 0 (in bukkit.yml) to avoid spawning outside the Ant Farm! And make sure you use Bukkit, or you won't be able to go to the Nether Ant Farm!
• Put render distance on Far to see the whole room!

• Don't leave the Ant Farm until you get to that achievement.
• Don't play on peaceful. This is a survival map!
• Use the included texture pack. Otherwise everything will look craaaazy...
• Don't make another nether portal in the nether, or bad things will happen.
• Don't harvest anything outside the ant farm.

Video pořízeno programem Fraps: http://fraps.com
Audio pořízeno programem AudaCity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net
Editováno v programu CamTasia7: http://www.camtasiasoftware.com
Minecraft Box na Facebooku: http://www.facebook.com/MinecraftBox
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HouseCZ

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kdo kouká v roce 2016 ?
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Sabina a Piškot
Měl si tam postel!!!
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Ananas Tv
víš že si tam postel měl? ;P ale jinak boží video:)))
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A budou tam i mravenci ??? :D
Vojta Jančík
Housi zdá se mi to nebo jse ti v té době špatně říkalo „r"?!
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Filip Dvořák
kdo se kouká v roce 2016 ?
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George Janecký
kdo na to kouká v roce 2014 like
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nemluvi vubec jako haus :( jakto ?
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Tatiana Stolarčíková
ja pozerám v roku 2016 a house uz to asi daaaaavno vies ale postel mas tam kde si zacinal.
kdo se na to kouka 30.4.2016 like😂😂😂
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