Roger Waters + David Gilmour: Comfortably Numb, Live, O2 Arena 2011





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Published on May 15, 2011

David Gilmour joining Roger Waters on The Wall to perform 'Comfortably Numb' at London's O2, May, 2011.

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Santosh Kuppens
This has to be the most legendary 'Guest Performance' in history!  Sir David Gilmour, I love you!
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You Lucky.
George Kokonas
As i happened to be there at the front that evening i can assure you that the welcome he received by the audience was out of this world ....I agree with you totally!
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Captain Cartman
These are the videos that should be getting 500 million views.... seriously who the hell is Meghan Trainor???...sigh. 
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Lefos Nikola
+Captain Cartman not all music is meant to be listened by all ears ;) no worries...those who get their music appreciate them
td wr
+Benjamin Consterdine  same with me man :(
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Some of these comments about Gilmour making mistakes and not playing very well are depressing as hell, how short-sighted and ignorant. Clearly forgetting the dude is perched on a platform at least 50 feet above the stage, probably absolutely shitting himself.  Some of you couldn't bring yourselves to play a single note in front of a crowd that size, let alone perched up on top of the Wall barely a pace from the edge.  And before anyone goes off on the 'I'm allowed my opinion' road; yes, you're allowed your opinion. But I'm also allowed to call you a cunt for it.  ''He missed some notes, his voice is shaky, hurrdduurrr.''  No fucking shit, Sherlock.
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George Kokonas
As i happened to be there at the front that evening i can assure you that the welcome he received by the audience was out of this world ....I agree with you totally!
man he wasnt scared, he did this shit during the original Wall tour.
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Bill Hicks
I legitimately thought Roger Waters was going to do a back flip at 3:12.
Haha you're right! I didn't notice that the first time around. I love how enthusiastic he is in this performance, he looks like he's having the time of his life. If he could have done a back flip, I bet he would have.
Khatia Makharadze
I was looking for this live for so long, Im so happy i had link saved <3
Big Pun
same here :)) fb memory hh
All that is now
Life's biggest questions have finally been revealed, Google Truth Contest and check the truth out for yourself. This is truth the evidence suggests.
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Creep Gameplays
Yes it is me Jesus Christ your argument is invalid kys
Crisis of Democracy
Fuck off with your spirtualistic autism.
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Mario G
I hope this is the wall Trump is talking so much about.
Lucid Dimensions
1378 deaf dislikers.....Without musical EDUCATION!!!
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We don't need no education tho
+Joe Darcy You can tell he's losing his touch. Such is life. Hell, they've been playing for like 50 years...
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Shrey Chakraborty
Am I the only one who thinks that David messed up both the solos?
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Giorgio Piracci
I think he was emotionally underpressure... he's human and was playing again with Roger after many many years
Yue Luan
this is just sloppy, but don't get me wrong, huge david Gilmour fan here
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Tim Anderson
I really wish waters sang his part sitting on a stool with a single spot on him and not dancing around swinging his arms like a giddy teenager. His actions in no way fit the song. It in my opinion looks quite foolish. Gilmour is class.
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Angelica Uteixeira
Wow !!! Love David and Roger, love PF. Beautiful Sir David Gilmour to join the tour of Roger Waters "The Wall" (same name as a PF disk), but Roger would do the same if it were a show of David? I do not think so (:
I didn't necessarily think it looked foolish. But I do agree that your way, at least to sing the first verse, would have been better. I will say that I do like that he feels the song, even now. And you are right about Gilmour. Class as always. This is a great performance and I'm glad they did it.
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