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Published on Nov 30, 2006

On Nov 15, 2006 one of the killer whales in the Shamu Show at Sea World in San Diego took one of the trainers on an unplanned "ride" under water. This happened two weeks before the more highly publicized accident that happened on Nov. 29, 2006. Watch the trainer who dives off of a whale to the right of the screen.

****Lots of people have stated in the comments that they didn't see what happened. First...when this actually happened, I didn't even realize I captured it on video--I wasn't zoomed in on any specific whale or person until I realized something was wrong. If you watch the trainer who dives in the water at the beginning, as he gets part way across the pool a whale comes up behind him and they both disappear under the water. And, if you watch the trainers on the stage, you'll notice they go into a panic/rescue mode. Yeah, it isn't the best video quality and doesn't show a lot of details due to the low resolution when I uploaded it.

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It's so sad that in 2015, in USA, this massive level of cruelty to animals is still allowed to exist in the form of these public aquariums that so many thousands of families are naive enough to regard as entertainment. These are giant, intelligent, social mammals whose natural habitat is the open ocean, forced to live in a tank and do annoying shows for humans. There is no debate here that this is downright cruelty, but sadly people keep making excuses.
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Shazam because if humanity cannot find a use for something... they kill it off. And even if they can, they still do.
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Ashish Varma
Here's a crazy idea. Why don't we leave the giant fucking whale in the ocean where he belongs.
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they tried to put keiko back in the wild but he just died because he didn't know how to feed himself or find a pod. . .
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Phat Pigeon
well its not a surprise that they go apeshit with this awful cheesy music being played 12 hours a day confined to a small fishbowl.
This is just fucked up, sea world sickens me and I can't believe that when I was younger I was enticed by the lies they spew out into thinking it was so great that they were really taking care of them! The trainers might be doing the best to but the company capturing and breeding whales in such a small space is horrific and should have been ended years ago, people die, the orcas die or are driven insane and it's all glossed up and put on show to sell cheap toys in the gift shop should be illegal, it's worse than Japanese whaling
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said karim
Edward Rogan
Wouldn't really agree with that last statement tbh hahaha they're not that fucking bad like it's cruel but they aren't massacring the orcas
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With Your Shield
Human: "Quick! distract orca with fish, until trainer is safe" Trained Orca: "Oh!!! attack human in water...get lots and lots of fish!!!! Roger that"
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Nube Gamer
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. man that was.just-hahahahahahahaha. that was hilarious. I'm pretty sure the whale was waiting so long to be trained that lesson. this comment made my day hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂
Feline Fanominal
i think the orca was tired of being caged :(
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Chanel Chance
These people don't care about the whales!! They just care about making money! Stupid people!
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Braden Haggart
+Δημήτρης κάποιος also, Blackfish does sort of make up their mind. They only attack in captivity, in the wild, they are very peaceful towards humans. This is also mentioned in Blackfish, and about four attacks have been mentioned by SeaWorld in wild whales, some of which didn't have anything to do with the whales, like the Robin Morton case with Eve.
Braden Haggart
+Δημήτρης κάποιος Blackfish has no true inaccuracies in the facts. Kandu V did die in a case of whale on whale aggression. All of the attacks mentioned did happen. SeaWorld does separate mothers and calves (here's some proof, Keet, Sumar, Kayla, Katerina, Kohana, Skyla, and Trua weren't even 4 yet when they were separated from their mothers. SeaWorld actually stated that they are independent at around 4 years old). They do have collapsed dorsal fins in captivity and very rarely in the wild, and in the wild collapsed dorsal fins can usually be fixed. In captivity, they do live shorter lifespans. All of these sad facts have just one solution, don't go to SeaWorld. It's not like how suddenly the media started attacking cops and caused Black Lives Matter, it's that suddenly people were aware of the facts, and the facts are is that SeaWorld is no longer a family-friendly destination, it's now a cold hearted, greedy, abusement park.
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Anita Marie
Music keeps playing ... audience continues eating popcorn .... trainers slapping the water hoping not to see an arm or leg floating in the tank. Trainer makes it out alive, nonchalantly limping backstage as if it was all part of the show. Trainers continue the show like nothing happened, per the orders from corporate. You screw up, you get eaten, or fired. Typical day at StealWorld.
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+Anita Marie Yes, it is totally creepy! Especially the creepy fake smile that woman gives after saying "I wouldn't work here if it wasn't!" And what a lame argument that is. Thank goodness people are waking up. I'm hearing that people are leaving lots of comments on the SeaWorld commercial video on Youtube and surprise, surprise....SeaWorld is deleting all the "negative" (read: truthful) comments and they're keeping only the postive comments that I'm sure 95% of which are written by Sea World PR staff or other employees.
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The clue is in the name KILLER WHALE. If you piss about with nature you get what you deserve.
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Soo, it was the Orca who was splashing the people that grabbed the guy from behind... At first I thought it was the Orca swimming next to him. You've got to wonder what is really going on in those highly evolved minds of theirs. " ugh, we have to do another show today" I'd say these Animals are actually very patient with their trainers. Everyone makes a big stink about them being held in captivity, but any animal can snap. Oppression= Rebellion. seem attack when they get frustrated and want to make a point. 
Vousie V
I think the Orca was just playing, and only realised halfway through that humans can't hold their breaths as long as they can. There's a case of a lady who'd  swum next to a wild whale, he suddenly held onto her foot and swum 45m or so down, at that point, she said in the interview she wouldn't have been able to swim back up even if he had let her go there. But instead the whale seemed to realise that she was out of breath and swum back up (still holding onto her) as fast as he could to the surface, and let go as soon as they'd reached the surface... Don't see why else he would've brought her back up so fast and then let go only once she was at the surface. Also, there have been multiple cases of dolphins and other cetaceans rescuing people who were either already unconscious or trying futilely to swim when they can't.  Cetaceans are mammals, like us, and they hold their injured at the surface since they too can drown, and given how intelligent they are, they can probably sense when we are drowning. (They may notice us doing the same things that they do if they're out of air)
Trevor Brass
"Working Orcas of the world, unite!"
What part of "killer whale" don't you understand?
ShadyMerc Z
the ler part
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