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Spoiler Alert! - 100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes - (Movie Endings Ruined)





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Published on Nov 11, 2008

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The plot twists and final scenes from your favorite movies ruined/spoiled in under 5 minutes.

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Movies spoiled:
The Crying Game- The chick's a dude
Blair Witch Project
Reservoir Dogs- Tim Roth is a Cop
A Beautiful Mind- Ed Harris and Paul Bettany are Russel Crowe's imaginary friends
Sixth sense
Unbreakable- Samuel L Jackson
Signs, The Village, Chinatown, ET, Silence of the Lambs, Wild things, Rocky- Rocky loses, Rocky II Rocky Wins , Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V Rocky wins the STREET fight
Rocky Balboa- Adrian is dead and Rocky still loses the fight
There Will be Blood- Daniel Plainview kills Eli with a Bowling Pin
Forrest Gump- Jenny dies on a Saturday Morning
Sex and The City- Carrie Marries Mr. Big
Hancock -- Will Smith and Charlize Theron
Usual suspects- Kevin Spacey is Kaiser Soze
LA CONFIDENTIAL- Kevin Spacey is killed
American Beauty- Kevin Spacey is killed by the gay Dad
Se7en- Kevin Spacey is killed by Brad Pitt for putting Brad Pitt's Wife's decapitated head in a box
Life of david gale
Kill Bill- She kills Bill And her name is Beatrix
Million dollar baby- Hilary Swank gets paralyzed and Clint Eastwood mercy kills her
Castaway- Tom Hanks gets off the island
My Girl- Macaulay Culkin dies
Election- Tracy Flick Wins
Willie wonka and the Charlie factory- Charlie is given willy wonka's factory
Fellowship of The Ring- Frodo has the ring and heads to mordor
The Two Towers
The Return of the King
Sleepless in Seattle- Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks end up together
You've Got Mail- Same
Addicted to Love- Mathew Broderick
When Harry Met Sally- Billy Crystal
IQ- Tim Robbins
French Kiss- Kevin Kline
Kate & Leopold- Hugh Jackman
City of Angels- Nicolas Cage
Who framed roger rabbit- Judge Doom is a Toon and killed Eddie Valiant's brother
Boogie Nights- We see Dirk Diggler's penis and it's 14 inches long
Titanic- Jack dies
Inside man -- Clive Owen gets away with it
Heist- Gene Hackman gets away with it
A perfect score -- Robert Deniro gets away with it
The Italian job -- They get away with it
Oceans 11 -- Same
Planet of the Apes- Charlton Heston finds the Statue of Liberty and realizes he was on Earth all along
Planet of the Apes- Mark Walberg finds Tim Roth the monkey as the Lincoln Memorial why the hell to they make re-makes?
Bad News Bears- The Bears Win
Rookie of the Year- The Cubs Win
Remember the Titans- The Titans Win
Angels in the Outfield- The Angels Win
Major League- The Indians Win
Little Giants- The Little Giants Win
Mighty Ducks- The Ducks Win
Mighty ducks 2- The Ducks Win
Mighty Ducks 3- The Ducks are somehow only Junior Varsity in High School but they Still Win
Field of Dreams If you build it, who will come? your father
Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins escapes prison
Oldboy He was having sex with his own daughter
The others Nicole Kidman and the children are dead the whole time
Braveheart William Wallace gets killed
Scarface Tony Mantana gets killed
Life is beautiful Roberto Benini gets killed
Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and clyde get killed
Easy Rider Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper get killed
The Departed Damon Dicaprio and Nicholson all get killed
Jaws Jaws gets killed
Night of the Living Dead- Everyone gets killed
Passion of the Christ Jesus is killed
The shining Jack Nicholson goes crazy and freezes to death in the maze
Some like it hot Daphne is really a man but Osgood wants to marry
The Game it wasn't real it was just a game
Soylent green Soylent Green is made out of people
Primal Fear Edward Norton lied about having a split personality
Fight Club Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are the same person
Jacob's Ladder It was all a dream
Wizard of Oz Same
American Psycho coke induced dream
Total recall a girl with three boobs in this movie
12 monkeys The flashback is Bruce Willis killed at the airport
The Dark Knight Heather Ledger Dies
Vanilla sky After the car wreck Tom Cruise
Saving private ryan
Rosemarys baby Rosemary gives birth to the devil's spawn
Friday the 13th The Camp kitchen worker's mother is the killer
In the Heat of the Night
Presumed innocent
What Lies Beneath Harrison Ford
Psycho Norman Bates
Van Sant Psycho
The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father
Citizen Kane Rosebud


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