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Published on Jul 29, 2012

A little montage on lucky people

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Misleading thumbnail not used in the video... automatic THUMBS DOWN and I will never open another will savoie video again.
m h v kuiken
00:54 a lightning strike does nothing to a plane you know? the passengers wont even know a lightningstrike hit them!
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Captain Goomba
+m h v kuiken not a dream
Captain Goomba
+Christian Oskar K, well here's a question for you: would you feel safe flying around in a lightning storm?  if you were the pilot, or a passenger?
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giles anderson
0:52 that is not being lucky maybe lucky you caught it on camera but planes get hit by lightning all the time
yea, your right
HTP Gaming YT
hahahaha thumbs up
3:40 Yoo hoo!
Kerri Coulter
That's what I was gonna say, lmao! I guess he was torn between capturing some good footage and notifying a man that he's about to get ran over by a train and die.
Joseph Kerber
I don't understand why people won't stay off of train tracks. All these deaths of people getting struck by a train can be avoided if they avoided train tracks. They know there's nothing stopping a train when it's coming. At least someone in a vehicle might try to stop from hitting you, but a train won't. They closed off many of the train tracks through my town because of accidents, and thank goodness for it.
Vanessa Van Downen
did anyone else scream "OOOOOOOOHHH" whenever they cheated death?! I mean that's some matrix skills right there!
Bacon CheeseCake
the one at 0:51 isn't luck. boeings can survive lightning.
alejandro landeros
Maybe it was dubbed lucky just for the fact they caught the lightning bolt on camera. Perhaps...
Roel Vink
{People do not realize what Isaac Newton's third law of motion really means}.  Everything is balanced. Everything physical (matter/energy) goes back and forth in balanced circles, cycles, or the equivalent. Positive and negative forces moving in balance are the physical universe. Good luck and bad luck are the balance in action and the way the balance most affects our lives. ~Luck is manifested on many levels. (page 3 Present) ~You have no free will or control~ everything is determind by a secret force. Visit TruthContest and read the Present
+dries boy you were correct until you said positive and negative forces... everything after that is just bs
Norman Kinney
more like isaac POOtun
Stanislav Kotzev
Last one none telling him anything except someone saying yoo hoo ?
Rocha Kunda
+SergioEnrique Cortez-Bastidas
SergioEnrique Cortez-Bastidas
it was a minion. "ooh oooh"
2:37 FAKE in slow-mo the car goes true the truck! 
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