Mario Kart Wii -- 12 March 2012, Friends Races #06





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Published on Apr 13, 2012

Well, the series winds its way down and I seem to have arrived at the final set of races for that night...which incidentally I went back and checked certain other sources and noticed that my captures were improperly timestamped...that is, I believe they indicate the date on which the raw capture file is finalized, and since this went over the threshold of PM back into AM of the following day, the whole lot got branded as "13 March 2012" when in fact the session is more appropriately indicated to have taken place largely on the 12th.

I went and change the other videos to reflect this, don't be alarmed! (No time travel in fact took place!) I'll have to be wary of such things when it comes to long overnight stretches of gameplay, though...

This last race can also be seen and heard from the Gamer's Bench side of things here:


12 March 2012

And now for something completely different! ...well, not exactly, but it's a certain bit of self-improvement that's in order for me. I mean, I'm the first one to stand up and make fun of my own apparent lack of quality driving ability, but I don't think that I should get comfortable with that and rest on "oh, well, I just suck" alongside "hey, that was fun!" You can have the latter without needing the former, after all!

Part of this quest for the unattainable driving zen is sampling all the styles of control and handling varieties...but I am most terrible of all at using inward drift bikes with Manual-style drifting. As such, it's my hope to overcome this thusly: I will ride a giant duckie!

The Quacker is a logical choice and a ride right up my alley EXCEPT for the fact that it happens to drift inward. It's rather similar to the reasons why I like the Cheep Charger... although to what extent, I can't rightly recall. You see, I remember vehicles as experiences rather than by their stats, since I find certain combinations of quantitative elements to be misleading, particularly as there's no note as to the difference between inward and outward drift on the bikes, for example, so the strength of certain stats might not necessarily apply the same way you might think. Heck, this is even true for karts, even though they all drift the same way.

So anyway, the short version is that this is the bike with the inward drift that I feel will punish me the least for messing up during the learning process. Also it's cute as a button and happens to be an amusing idea, showing all these serious and imposing vehicles what's what if you should win. I probably won't (yet), but somebody else might while using it.


Race #1 -- DS Yoshi Falls

I don't want to sound too particularly discriminatory here, but...uh...I really hate this course. It's too simple! Even Luigi Circuits have greater complexity than this! Even the uber-generic Figure-8 Circuit is less boring somehow...and at least there you've got the catchy Mario Kart DS theme remixed for you.

The "falls" aspect is sorely underplayed and uninteresting...it really makes me long for ANY other Yoshi-themed track in the history of Mario Kart.


Race #2 -- DS Delfino Square

On the other hand, I may or may not have gushed on the subject before, but I think Delfino Square is one of my favorite courses of all time, for whatever reason...although I will say that Mario Kart DS in general had tons of really interesting tracks in it, many with even more lasting and gimmick-driven appeal than this one, and of course I also love them...but there's just something somewhat sublime about Pianta-lined streets, cramped alleyways, a detour through the docks, and a working drawbridge that just comes together to make for a great drive. And I have no idea if it was the course that got the song stuck in my head or the song that made me keep needing to pick the course...


Race #3 -- GCN Mario Circuit

Well, if there's one place where the difference of drift dynamics has a big influence and provides a handy time to test out the tightened turning radius of traveling so quickly inward, it's certain bends on the GCN tracks, since the general movement through a drift felt so different on Double Dash!! compared to other games. I'm not entirely clear at this point WHY that is, because it seems more than a little counter-intuitive based on what I do recall...but you can definitely see certain turns and groups of turns where it's clearly advantageous to be an innie rather than an outie.


Race #4 -- Grumble Volcano

If there's one course in the whole game that I have to admit I could probably use a bit more practice and even just general thought about racing on, it'd be Grumble Volcano... I mean, Rainbow Road and Bowser's Castle are "obvious" choices and see much more general use, and Moonview Highway is...easy to understand, but requires a bit more concentration in action, which I can't really actively practice...just try again later, hopefully with more wits gathered about me.


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