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Published on Jan 16, 2012

ziirr vs HarleyQuinn DC

Jill - Your jill is pretty good. You use her well by making the opponent guess where to block and keeping the pressure on them. But you can Improve on her combos. Every time I see you land a hit with her you dont follow it up with a combo. Learn some jill combos to do more damage and kill opponents quicker and they will have a less chance of pulling off comebacks.

Chris - With chris it is best to play the keep away game. You should be using his mines and grenade tosses plus his machine gun fire and jumping gun shots for keep away and screen control. Also remember chris can o.t.g without help to continue his combos for more damage. I saw a few times where you had me in the corner and done an o.t.g and you didnt. So you can work on that.

Arthur - Im not to familiar with this character but I do know this from watching other people play. They use him as a point character and as soon as they get a chance to put on his gold armor they do and then switch him out right away. Then they use him for assist. So once the character that was switch out for arthur dies arthur comes out in his gold armor ready to fight. Umm like I said im not to familiar with this character so thats all the advice I can give.

Hulk - This character always gives me problems.But I know how you can improve. I see that you dont use his wall bounce with his anti air gamma charge and follow it up with medium. This is a very important move it lets you do so much more damage with hulk. Also Hulk doesnt move very fast so a way to move around with him is to do is to do a anti air gamma charge then hit hard to do sort of triangle dash. Be careful with doing this because its not safe against projectiles.

She-hulk - I dont know this character very well. But you want use her running start to o.t.g into hyper . Sorry but thats all I know about this character.

Phoenix Wright - I have no idea how to play with this guy.

Felicia - This character is good for rush down especially in Ultimate. And now this her new delta kick she is great for putting on pressure. I suggest using the kick with an assist and trying to mix up the opponent as much as possible. And dont forget that her move toy touch can o.t.g to continue combos.

Morrigan - She can be good with keep away and pressure. If you really want to use morrigan to her full potential I suggest learn her fight cancel. I dont personally use her but I have face people that completely destroy me with her.

Trish - She has great combo potential with her traps. And aslo has good screen control by putting traps down and using her projectiles. I dont know much about her but I do know she is under used.

Hagger - He is a good point character. You have to try to use assist and move in at the same time. He has an o.t.g and to extend combos. Also move in using the jumping pipe that thing is hard to get around especially with assists.

HawkEye - I Never used this character. So I really dont know how to use him.

Ok now for over all gameplay I think you need to use your assists more. You can use assist to extend your combos or to put pressure and move in on opponents. You really have to learn to use your assists effectively it will help your game a lot. For example I use ryu with doom assist because its kind of hard to get in with ryu. So I use the doom assist to cover the screen and dash in on my opponent. Thats one way of using your assist you have to find a way assists help you and use them it will help you out a lot trust me.

Now I also saw that you were not wave dashing. If you dont know what wave dashing is dont worry its not hard to do. All you do is dash then hit down and dash again. it makes you close the gap to your opponent a lot faster then then plain dashing. But not all characters can do it so you have to see who can and who cant.

lastly I you really need to pick a team that you like and practice as much as you can with them. and learn dhc because i also didnt see you using them. hopes this helps.


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