All The Things She Said are Complicated as The Whispers in the Dark See You Over My Head





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Uploaded on Jul 31, 2010

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Video #1: All the things she said MEP for BES
Song: "All the things she said" by t.A.T.u
Type of MEP: Femslash
Footage: Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis
Pairing: Esmeralda/Kida
Studio: Forever and Always Disney Studios
Notes- Ok, I love/hate this one. It's just there, nothing special about it really. I did like using Kida, though I did have some trouble since it's my first time. I hope I can use her more often{and the other characters from Atlantis}. I said I would become more rounded out in my character choices right?

Video #2: Complicated MEP for BIS
Song: "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne
Type of MEP: Canon or Crossover Couples
Footage: Jumper
Pairing: Millie/David
Studio: Beyond Innocence Studios
Notes- I'm really loving that I'm doing MEPs with live action stuff now. It's really alot of fun and lets me use what I've seen to abandoned. Ok, so this one was initally a crossover MEP; but I couldn't think of any good crossover pairings{nor did I want to do a LA crossover}, so I asked for canon. I chose Millie and David from Jumper because I thought this part fit them pretty good. It's about a couple going through a "complicated" relationship, and the boy is "fake". Well, that's Millie and David. Honestly, I don't really like this movie...but I ripped it to my computer ages ago and hadn't used it much. I actually enjoyed it.

Video #3: Whispers in the Dark MEP for GC
Song: "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet
Type of MEP: Vampire/Representative Character
Footage: The Vampire Diaries and 7th Heaven
Pairing: Stefan Salvatore/Lucy Camden
Studio: Glorious Chaos
Notes- OMG! I am totally loving this! I thought it would take a lot longer to do since I am low on TVD and 7th Heaven clips at the moment, but I was inspired to do it. Ok, so my awesome friend Lauren is hosting this one at GC, and for this one we choose a vampire character, and pair them up with one of characters we've chosen at GC. Well, I chose Stefan Salvatore from TVD as the vampire{since Jess stole Damon of course} and paired him with Lucy from 7th Heaven. I like Stefan and I think he worked nicely with Lucy{though this was HARD to do} Ok, so the story is Stefan and Lucy are friends; Stefan cares for Lucy in an affectionate way, but she doesn't feel the same way about him because she feels uneasy about him being a vampire. One night at a party, Lucy sees Stefan, but doesn't want to talk to him, so she stays clear of him. Later, while Stefan is trying to enjoy the party he hears some commotion going on with his supersonic vampire hearing. It turns out, Lucy has been captured and is being tortured ontop of the roof of a building. Stefan comes to her rescue, only to surprise Lucy and make her more frightened. She tells Stefan to go away. The other guy who has her is really another "evil" vampire{hahaha, it's actually Damon} and he's trying to control her, so he can get inside her mind. Stefan tries to interfere, but said vampire bites her, than throws her to the ground, and escapes. Stefan comforts Lucy, and takes her to the hospital...where he comforts her....it's a lame explanation...and it looked cool in the video, but with a story, it just makes it lame...

Video #4: I see you MEP for BIS
Song: "I see you" by Leona Lewis
Type of MEP: Friendship
Footage: Quest for Camelot and The Secret of NIMH
Pairing: Kayley/Mrs. Brisby
Studio: Beyond Innocence Studios
Notes- Alright, so this is a friendship MEP with one of our representative characters and our "pet" over at BIS. I chose Kayley to pair with Mrs. Brisby because my other character, Liam would look totally awkward. At first it was hard making this, but as I went further along it got easier and I had fun with it. No story here; just a cute friendship piece with Kayley and Mrs. Brisby. The song is very beautiful{I'm a loser who's yet to see Avatar} I'm very anxious to see this one completed. I know it will be pretty.

Video #5: Over my head MEP for BIS
Song: "Over my head" by The Fray
Type of MEP: Canon Couples
Footage: Awake
Pairing: Clay/Sam
Studio: Beyond Innocence Studios
Notes- I'm just anxious to work at my new group...well that, and I miss live action stuff. Yes, another movie with Hayden Christensen. He is love!...but I thought this part really fit Clay's relationship with Sam. I looked up the meaning of the song, and it's about the guy having his girl cheat on him while everyone knows but him. Well, I looked at it a different way. In a way, Sam is cheating on Clay. She's after his money, and she's plotting against him with people Clay thinks are his friends. He doesn't find out until it's too late. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend you should. It is awesome! The story is amazing!


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