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Published on Sep 8, 2012

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Earning money online is not a rocket science, you don't need to have a PhD and you don't need to have a degree. In fact, what makes those successful marketers so much different is this; they take a lot of action. You should know this, in the internet, everyone starts equally. You can earn easy money online no matter who you are.

So how can you actually create an income stream online, the fast and easy way? Very simple, there is a business module which can make people earn easy money online, it is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is something so common now that everyone who has the dream of wanting to quit their day job and start their venture online will involve in.

Therefore, if you want to earn easy money online today, the easiest route for you is through affiliate marketing. So how can you profits from it? Are there any simple steps to follow? Yes, there are. Below are the top 5 simple steps that you need in order to earn easy money online. If you follow them, you will see profits following into your pocket very soon.

1. Find a profitable, niche and affinity market

This is where you should start from. If you want to earn easy money online, then you will need to have a product to offer. To sell a product, you don't need to create your own, instead, use affiliate programs and sell other people's product. There are a few criteria that the market you have chosen must have.

First, your market must be a profitable market. Meaning to say, people in your market are willing to spend money to buy what they want. If it is not a profitable market, then it will be tougher for you to earn easy money from them. Second, choose a niche market. This means that to earn easy money online, you have to narrow down your target market; the more narrow the better, so you will have less competition. Lastly, the market you choose must have affinity with what you do. You must have interest in your market, do what you like and money will come.

2. Identify the hot product for your market

Once you have located your market, the next thing you want to do is to identify a hot product to offer to your market. If you are serious in earning easy money online, you have to do all these seriously, with commitment. Preferably, the product you choose is a digital product. It can be an e-book, an e-course, a software, etc.

Where can you look for this kind of products? Very easy, head to ClickBank and just perform the search, and you will come up with tons of affiliate products in your market. Now, choose the one which is hotter, meaning to say, a more famous product. Why? Simply because to earn easy money online, you will have to sell something that is hot among others. Internet is a great communication medium, if a product is good, the word will spread fast. Hence, the hotter the product is, the easier you can sell it.

3. Build a list

Don't get misunderstand by thinking that once you have your affiliate link, all you need to do is to promote that link in your website. This is not the way how it works, that is why so many are struggling to earn easy money online. Building relationship with your prospects with a list is what you need to do.

Not everyone who visits your website will purchase what you offer. That is why you have to capture their contacts and follow up them. Actually, relationship marketing is the only way to build a profitable business online. So what you have to do here is to set up a lead capture page or a squeeze page (it is easier than you can think), get an autoresponder and start to capture your visitor's emails.


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