The Euro Will Either Change Or Die-Jason Burack--26.June.2012





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Published on Jun 27, 2012

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Jason Burack believes that the Euro will survive in some form, although it may be composed of different countries than at present. And while the problems do seem intractable and there is no political will to solve them, perhaps after dropping Spain, Greece and a few others, it can continue its beleaguered existence. But don't count on it. Italy has larger debt problems than any other European nation, but for Greece. They have a tremendous amount of debt that must be rolled over in the next year. And if the money isn't freshly printed out of thin air by a willing central bank, then where will it come from? While a noble experiment, conceived of to lessen their dependence on the dollar, it is ironic that they're now completely dependent upon the Federal Reserve to keep the scheme alive. No matter what happens, the Euro is not going to become another reserve currency.

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Thomas Jefferson
The Euro is only a part of Europe's problems, and not the biggest one. Europeans are the laziest people on the planet. They work less, demand more benefits, and show less concern about future generations, than any other people. They want their benefits above all else, even though they have to borrow to get them. Europeans do not have enough children, particularly in the PIIGS countries, to pay for these benefits. Europe is dying, too lazy even to have children, and that includes Germany. 
amber colour
thats true that is why DE dont want a strong currency 
Ed Howes
8) I missed that Jason. Caught it in the video title and text. Let's beat on Kerry together! 
We tell our higher net worth consulting clients that if they can afford to do so they should own physical bullion stored in multiple countries and then own gold, silver and oil stocks located all over the world and make sure their broker is not a highly leveraged investment bank like MF Global trading with 40:1 leverage for their own account. There is money to be made in stocks and off this volatility. There will be another stimulus/QE eventually and then stocks will go way higher for months
If Germany does leave the Euro and go back to the Deutchmark, the flow of funds from hot money going into flight to safety and into safer German bunds would strengthen the German currency too much in that scenario and would hurt their exporters. 
The only way the Euro can exist as is is if Germany subsidizes/bails out the weaker PIIGS and/or if the Federal Reserve does a backdoor bailout of the entire EU with currency swaps, etc. Certain groups in Germany hate the Euro but the politicians and the large German companies who export with a cheaper currency like it. German citizens, German workers and German savers do not like it. 
I'm aware of that but I was talking for more than 10 minutes straight and I'm still human and make mistakes when speaking. 
Physical Bullion is not perfect either. The people who have 100% of their net worth in physical bullion do not understand the things the US government can do. If you own a lot of bullion make sure you have some stored outside the US and diversified in other countries if you can afford to do so. I know people who have made 6 figures of their own money investing in gold and silver stocks despite paper bullion prices dropping the last 12 months. Making money in the markets can be done.
who is stupid enough to buy u.s. treasuries or any stocks in this manipulated corporate bankster elite fake capitalist world of the United States???
Ed Howes
EU is the union. Euro is the currency.
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