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Published on Dec 25, 2010

Christmas time is here, so why not review a game that has nothing to do with the holidays? Hey, at least there are tons of pretty colors...that's like Christmas, right?

Anyway, it's time to look into Sonic Colors for the Nintendo Wii. Is it something worthy of being under your Christmas tree, or is it just a lump of coal? Watch and find out! Happy Holidays!

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I will now use this special whistle to call forth DarkSonic180. coooooooo theclassicgamesareamazing coooooooooooooo
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"Better than Adventure 2" #ShotsofTruthFired
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Marius Urucu
Looking at the comment section, I can certainly say that the Sonic fandom cannot agree on what makes a Sonic game good or even great. Some want the Adventure style gameplay, some want the boost formula from Sonic Unleashed - Sonic Generations, some want the classic 2D formula from the Genesis/MegaDrive games. Heck there are some that play Sonic games just for the story. Because of this, the fanbase is divided into these factions and make it impossible to satisfy the majority of them. And the thing is, when Sonic Team actually makes a good game that caters to a particular style, the other fans have to tell their opinion about it. Some fans are more open-minded and objective in their critique (like SomecallmeJohnny or Clement, but even they have a Classic bias) while some will just blindly hate it for the most stupid reasons (i.e TOO MUCH 2D, Sonic's eyes are GREEN, it's not like Sonic Adventure so it sucks, the story is too cheesy so it sucks). Not all Sonic fans are like this mind you, there are some, albeit few, that actually enjoy a good crafted Sonic game regardless of the gameplay style. But here comes the question. If the fans don't know what they want, how could Sonic Team know?
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Sam Diamond
Fun game: Count how many times DarkSonic180 gets angry at you for having an opinion that's not his.
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"Sonic Colors: The game that got 3D Sonic right!" ...With 75 percent of the game being 2D.
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Typical fan: Oh noes!. This guy thinks a game is better than Sanic Adventure 2!, better flame his video constantly.
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Gamer Ninetyfive
Johnny: This is some of the best writing that a Sonic game has ever had, this game is better than Sonic Adventure 2. Comment section: HOW DARE YOU SA2 IS THE BEST THIS GAME AND IT'S WRITING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: It's just a game calm down.
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Spoiler Warnng: DarkSonic180 is the final boss of SA3
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Warning, before anyone goes down further, please be informed that the comments section is basically an opinion war zone filled with opinions which may offend you. Also note that Adventure purists are present down below. You have been warned.
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Gabriel Nadeau
Plot Twist: DarkSonic 180 is actually Johnny trolling his fans
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